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Sourav Kumar

“I’m Sourav Kumar from Kolkata, West Bengal. I’m a freelance Website Developer and SEO expert for the last 5 years. Side by side, I work as a web content provider on my educational site ‘Moneygita‘ and ‘Sourav Kumar Edu‘ YouTube channel based on West Bengal educational content.”

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Moneygita- one of my main website. This website is specially made for students to collect accurate information. It provides data like colleges, educational content, career options and course details etc. You can get those details in two languages, Bengali and English. After literal research, study, and analysis we exposed the right information in front of you. It starts its journey in 2021. Moneygita is a reliable website for its work.


Most of the articles are in English and it is too difficult to understand these things for many people. We discussed those things in Bengali and also in simple English terms. So it is very easy for people to understand the information. Some readers have faced the problem of obtaining the English meaning properly, so we made the site and wrote our articles in simple English and Bengali to remove their problems.


Mr. Sourav Kumar is the creator of the website Moneygita.in

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