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For all related information on the Madhyamik Suggestions 2024, WBBSE Madhyamik 2024 Suggestions please read our article to fulfill your dreams in the upcoming Madhyamik Exams 2024.

For the upcoming Madhyamik Examination 2024 we are going to provide you with suggestions and notes on all subjects including English (1st Language and 2nd Language), Bengali, Mathematics, Physical Science & Education, Life Science, Geography, and History.

So without any delay let’s go with our article to get the complete analysis and information of our Madhyamik Suggestions 2024.

Overview Madhyamik Exam 2024

Exam NameWest Bengal Madhyamik Exam 2024
Conducted ByWest Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE)
Exam ModeOffline
Board TypeState Level
WBBSE 10th Exam Dates2nd Feb 2023-12th Feb 2023
Exam Timings11:45 AM -3:00 PM
Exam Duration3 Hours 15 Minutes
Article NameMadhyamik Suggestions 2024
Suggestions GivenFor All Subjects

 Suggestion Analysis by Our Money Gita Team and Experienced Teachers

Our Team Money Gita along with our panel of experienced teachers are very confident with our Madhyamik Suggestions 2024, for which we are very sure that the students can achieve good marks in the upcoming Madhyamik examination 2024.

Our Money Gita Team has completed the informative suggestions for all the exam subjects in advance so that the students can get enough time to fulfill their dream of good marks in the Madhyamik exams.

After a long hard work and determination, we have finally completed our Madhyamik Suggestions 2024 for the upcoming Madhyamik exams in 2024 and made it available to all the students for study through this article. 

Our Money Gita team has worked with all experienced teachers of individual subjects to provide the best and correct suggestions to all the students for achieving their best percentage of marks.

Madhyamik Suggestion 2024 PDF 

Sl No.Subject
1. 👉Madhyamik Bengali Suggestion 2024 PDF
2. 👉Madhyamik Geography Suggestion 2024 PDF
3. 👉Madhyamik History Suggestion 2024 PDF
4. 👉Madhyamik Life Science Suggestion 2024 PDF
5. 👉Madhyamik Math Suggestion 2024 PDF
6. 👉Madhyamik Physical Science Suggestion 2024 PDF
7. 👉Madhyamik Math Suggestion 2024 PDF

Why Our Suggestions Good for Madhyamik Examination 2024?

  • Our Money Gita Team has worked very hard with other experienced teacher panels to provide the best information.
  • Besides working with the experienced teachers our team has also studied and analyzed the question pattern of the last 5 years of Madhyamik examinations final papers.
  • After a prolonged study and research of previous 5-year question patterns, we have finally completed our suggestion notes to be provided for the students by this article.
  • Our Team is very confident that we are sure if anyone studies our suggestions and notes seriously, then he/she can easily achieve (90-99) % of the marks in the upcoming Madhyamik Examination 2024.

Important words:

Nowadays there are many suggestions and notes for the Madhyamik Examination 2024, which are available online and claim to have (90-99) % of common questions for the upcoming Madhyamik Exam 2024. 

However, the students must first check the trustworthiness and authentication of those published suggestions before getting prepared for the Madhyamik exams. The students should not have blind faith in the suggestions and notes that are being published on the internet before the Madhyamik exams. 

Depending on the suggestions only will be a negative progress for success instead we should have a proper study of the textbook, previous test paper, and question bank parallelly to crack the Madhyamik Examination 2024 with a good percentage.

Please Note:- The suggestions and notes available on the internet will only be useful when the students will read and understand the school textbook & test paper properly first.”

How to Download Madhyamik Suggestion 2024

  1. First, come to our webpage for the complete and valuable Madhyamik Suggestions 2024.
  2. Then scroll down for the “Download the Madhyamik 2024 Subject Wise Suggestion”.
  3. Select the subject you are looking for suggestions for the Madhyamik exams 2024.
  4. Click on the “Suggestions Download” option of that subject.
  5. You will be redirected to a new page where you can download the PDF file of the suggestion provided by our expert team.

West Bengal Madhyamik Exams Routine 2024

The complete fixture is given below:-

Friday2nd February 2024First Languages *
Saturday3rd February 2024Second Languages **
Monday5th February 2024History
Tuesday6th February 2024Geography
Thursday8th February 2024Mathematics
Friday9th February 2024Life Science
Saturday10th February 2024Physical Science
Monday12th February 2024Optional Elective Subjects

* First Language:

 Bengali, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Modern Tibetan, Nepali, Odia, Gurmukhi (Punjabi), Telugu, Tamil, Urdu, and Santali.

** Second Language:

  1. English, if any language other than English is offered as a First Language.
  2. Bengali or Nepali, if English is the First Language.

Pass Marks Details for Madhyamik Examination 2024

Marks GradationMarks Details
Full Marks700
Pass Marks175 or Above
Marks For 1st Division420 or Above
Marks For 2nd Division315 or Above
Marks For 3rd Division175 or Above

Subject Wise Grade System in Madhyamik 2024

Grade ScaleLetter GradePerformance Indicator
60-79AVery Good
Below 25DDisqualified

Why We Help You in the Madhyamik Examination 2024?

Our Team Money Gita consists of a superb team of highly educated people who know the value of education and the importance of a good career for every aspiring student. We know the value of each user who comes to our webpage looking for genuine information which we have been serving for a long time. 

We care for the users and the society so that we can take our country to achieve more success and growth. So keeping the Madhyamik exams 2024 in mind we as a team have decided to provide full genuine and informatory suggestions so that the students i.e. future of our country can get some help from us and achieve a good percentage of marks of around (90-99)% which we are confident of it fully.

In this article, we have provided Madhyamik Suggestions 2024 which is fully prepared with a team of experienced teachers and our Money Gita Team who has gone through day and night with the last 5-year question pattern so that we can give the trust and assurance to all the students without any doubt. We as a team are always there to help you in any kind of difficulty with complete faith.

Importance of Madhyamik Examination in Life

The Madhyamik exams are going to be the student’s first experience with the Board exams for which they always want to pass out with a good percentage of marks. A long journey of school life finally ends with the Madhyamik exam for entrance to the next level of higher education. 

The parents also hope for good results for their children so that they can get admitted to a good higher secondary school for their future studies. The marks of the Madhyamik exams will play a great role in their admission to higher secondary schools and also for some scholarships along with fee exemptions depending on the results.

Also during the government jobs applications, we need to put the Class 10 results which will be an important aspect of our selection. In our job career during the interviews, we need to show our mark sheet for Class 10 which will further give a good impression of our good educational life if we can get a good percentage of marks in the Madhyamik Examination.

So finally we can say that one should not take the Madhyamik exams in an easily way which might create a barrier further in their bright future and dreams.

“Education is the foundation upon which we build our Future”. This famous quote by Christine Gregorie has a great impact on everybody’s educational life. Education is a very important aspect of our life by which we can build our careers and achieve our dreams. 

Education which is also another form of knowledge makes our life easy and better for a bright future. Well, the first hurdle in the vast ocean of education starts from the class 10 level of our school life. 

In West Bengal, students have to clear the Madhyamaik Exam as the first step to the golden career of their life. Madhyamik Examination is a centralized examination conducted by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Examination (WBSE) at the end of our 10th year of school education. 

Many aspiring students dream of clearing the first stage of their educational life i.e. the Madhyamik Examination with a good percentage of marks. 

So if anyone is looking for the important suggestions for the upcoming Madhyamik Examination 2024 then you have come to the right place. 

In this article, we have already provided you with important suggestions for the Madhyamik examination preparations for the year 2024 by which you can get a good percentage of marks with your effort and hard work.


In this article, we have tried to provide all the important and possible suggestions for the upcoming Madhyamik Examination 2024 in advance so that the students can get maximum time to implement them for a good percentage of marks. 

We the Team of Money Gita, consist of qualified persons along with a panel of expert teachers who have worked very hard for all the appearing students out there so that they can get the best and most useful information from this article on Madhyamik Suggestions 2024.

We must always practice and have a proper study of the school textbook along with suggestions for achieving the Madhyamik Exam’s top percentage marks.

The student should check the suggestions first for being helpful for the Madhyamik exams and it should be their own decision to be taken after a good analysis. The suggestions provided in this article are only for additional valuable knowledge and to save time during the exams so that we can help you achieve your dreams and goals for your future.

So if anyone has any type of query or confusion regarding our Madhyamik Suggestion 2024, then please feel free to comment here on our webpage. We will try to solve your query from our end and give you updated information on the upcoming Madhyamik Examination 2024 along with suggestions.

Your Trust And Believe Will Be Our Achievement !!

“All The Best to the Students From Our Money Gita Team” 

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