Sabuj Sathi Prakalpa started in which year

Question: Sabuj Sathi Prakalpa started in which year?

Sabuj Sathi Prakalpa

Prakalpa NameSabuj Sathi Prakalpa
Announced Date2015-2016 Budget speech
BeneficiariesWest Bengal government school students
SchemeState Government

Reasons for Launching the Sabuj Sathi Prakalpa

On one day in June 2015, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee went on a district tour. There a student asked him if a girl student can get a bicycle to go to school then why can’t a boy student get one?

Honorable Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee thought of launching the Sabuj Sathi project after hearing this question from the inquisitive student.

He was on his way to Bagdogra Airport from Darjeeling. On the way, he saw a spring on the mountain and named it ‘Sabuj Sathi’. In this word ‘Sabuj Sathi’, by the word ‘Sabuj’ he has indicated the beautiful students and Sathi means the bicycle that is the companion of the students going to school.

Here are some words about the reason behind launching the Sabuj Sathi project and how it came to be named.

Sabuj Sathi Prakalpa started in which year

In the budget speech of 2015-2016, Hon’ble Finance Minister said to start the Sabuj Sathi Prakalpa. He said that in 2015-16, about twenty-five lakh government school students will get benefits under the Sabuj Sathi Prakalpa.

Eligibility of Sabooj Sathi prakalpa

This Sabooj Sathi Prakalpa is made for all students studying in government schools. However, some qualifications must be present in the students. For example-

  • First of all the student must study West Bengal government school.
  • Because this project is only for West Bengal government school students.
  • The student must pass class 9 and take admitted to class 10.
  • Only students of government schools, government-aided schools and madrasa schools are eligible for this Sabuj Sathi scheme.

Benefits of Sabooj Sathi prakalpa

The importance of this project is immense to make students go to school and to facilitate school travel for rural students. Some of the important roles of the Sabuj Sathi project are-

  • Students will be able to go to school through the Sabuj Sathi scheme which will save the cost of traveling to school.
  • All students of class 10 studying in government schools of West Bengal will get a free bicycle from the school.
  • All those students who have passed class 9 and are studying in class 10 will get the benefit of this scheme without any hassle.
  • As a result of this project, the fee will be reduced and the students will be able to reach the school in less time. 
  • Students do not have to depend on other vehicles to go to school, they can go to school by their own bicycle.
  • Students regardless of rich and poor, religion and caste will get the benefits of this project.
  • As more students go to school, the education system will automatically improve.

Sabuj Sathi Prakalpa started in which year

In the year of 2015-2016, the Sabuj Sathi Prakalpa was started.

So you got to know the year in which the Sabuj Sathi Prakalpa was started and some details about Sabuj Sathi Prakalpa.

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