In which year International Cricket Council was founded (ICC)

Through this article, we will know in which year the international cricket council was founded. What is the number of members of this cricket council and what are their functions

In which year International Cricket Council was founded

International Cricket Council was established on 15 June 1909. The International Cricket Council is a global governing body of cricket that regulates cricket sports. This Cricket Council started in London.

On 15 June 1909, when this cricket council started, only three countries namely England, South Africa, and Australia were formed. Because then the rule was that only Commonwealth countries that followed the rules of the British Empire could join this cricket council.

Then in 1925 three more countries namely India, West Indies and New Zealand joined the International Cricket Council. As a result, the number of teams belonging to the cricket council increased from 3 to 6. But from the beginning, the name of this council was not the International cricket council.

First, its name was Imperial Cricket Conference (ICC), which was later changed to International Cricket Council. Before 1952, this council had only six teams, then when Pakistan was established in 1948, Pakistan joined the Cricket Council in 1952 and the number of teams in the International Cricket Council increased from six to seven.

Then in 1961, due to Africa’s cancellation from the Commonwealth, Africa also left the International Cricket Council. Because the rule then was that only Commonwealth countries were eligible to become members of the ICC.

Later there were many changes in the rules and in 1965 it was announced that other countries besides Commonwealth countries could join this council. Then in 1985, Sri Lanka joined the International Cricket Council and as a result, a total of seven teams can play international cricket.

Later five more countries joined Africa, Bangladesh, Ireland, Afghanistan and Zimbabwe. As a result, ICC has 12 full members and 96 associate members.

Now let’s know about the work of ICC i.e. International Cricket Council. The ICC’s main function is to organize all the international cricket tournaments such as the World Cup. Also, the one-day world cup and T20 world cup are also regulated by ICC.

In which year International Cricket Council was founded?

In the year of 1909, the international cricket council was founded.

So you got to know the year in which the International Cricket Council (ICC) was founded and some things about its history.

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