2024 HS Exam Routine West Bengal Board PDF

2024 HS Exam Routine West Bengal Board, 2024 HS Exam Routine PDF

2024 HS Exam Routine West Bengal Board

2024 HS Exam Routine

2024 HS Exam Routine

DatesDaySubject (Afternoon Shift: From 12 PM to 3:15 PM)
February 16, 2024Fri.Bengali (A), English (A), Hindi (A), Nepali (A), Urdu, Santhali, Odia, Telugu, Gujarati, Punjabi
February 17, 2024Sat.Healthcare, Automobile, Organised Retailing, Security, IT and ITES, Electronics, Tourism & Hospitality, Plumbing, Construction, Apparel, Beauty & Wellness, Agriculture, Power – Vocational Subjects
February 19, 2024
English (B), Bengali (B), Hindi (B), Nepali (B), Alternative English
February 20, 2024Tue.Economics
February 21, 2024Wed.Physics, Nutrition, Education, Accountancy
February 22, 2024Thus.Computer Science, Modern Computer Application, Environmental Studies, Health & Physical Education, Music, Visual Arts
February 23, 2024Fri.Commercial Law and Preliminaries of Auditing, Philosophy, Sociology
February 24, 2024Sat.Chemistry, Journalism & Mass Communication, Sanskrit, Persian, Arabic, French
February 27, 2024Tue.Mathematics, Psychology, Anthropology, Agronomy, History
February 28, 2024Wed.Biological Science, Business Studies, Political Science
February 29, 2024Thus.Statistics, Geography, Costing & Taxation, Home Management & Family Resource Management

HS Routine 2023 West Bengal Board PDF

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What is the date of HS exam 2023 West Bengal?

The HS exam 2023 in West Bengal will begin from 16th February 2024 to 29th February 2024.

What is the time of HS exam in West Bengal?

The exam timings of HS in West Bengal is from 12pm to 3:15 pm. The first 15 mins will be allotted for reading the question papers only.

What is the pass marks for HS in WB?

The pass marks for HS in WB is 150 out of 500.

What is the duration of HS exam in West Bengal?

The total duration given to students for their HS exam in West Bengal is 3 hours 15 munites. Also, the first 15 mins time is allotted for reading the question paper only.

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