Khela Hobe Prokolpo Online Apply 2024, Documents, Eligibility

The West Bengal Government has announced a new Scheme called Khela Hobe Prokolpo 2023 for the poor people of our State as an alternative to 100-day work. Here we are going to share with you the Khela Hobe Prokolpo online application procedure & also the required documents, eligibility, benefits, and important points related to it.

 A significant announcement was made by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee on 21st July 2023 regarding the launch of a new Prokolpo named “Khela Hobe Prokolpo” for the West Bengal people. 

The “Khela Hobe Prokolpo” is generally for a better future along with economic growth of West Bengal and gives job opportunities to all the job card holders of West Bengal.

Overview of Khela Hobe Prokolpo

Scheme NameKhela Hobe Prokolpo, Khela Hobe Scheme 2023
Launched  By Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee
Scheme TypeWest Bengal Government Schemes
Scheme Announced On 21st July 2023
BeneficiaryWest Bengal Job Card Holders (MGNERGA)
Benefits40-45 Days of Work (To be Officially Notified)
ObjectiveProviding employment to MNREGA job card holders of the West Bengal State
Official WebsiteTo Be Launch Soon
Application Form ProcessBoth Online/Offline 
Application Start DateTo Be Notified Soon
Khela hobe Application Form PDFTo Be Upload Soon in our article

Khela Hobe Prokolpo Application Procedure

For the convenience of the West Bengal people, the State Government has decided to provide both Offline and Online procedures for applying Khela Hobe Prokolpo, related details are given below. 

Khela Hobe Prokolpo Online Apply

  1. Visit the official website of Khela Hobe Prokolpo/Scheme which will be notified later by the West Bengal Government
  2. Select the option “Khela Hobe Prokolpo/Khela Hobe Scheme” on the homepage for the application form.
  3. Fill out the form correctly along with the job card number and other required details. 
  4. Upload the required scanned documents and click on the submit option.
  5. Note the reference number for future use.

Khela Hobe Prokolpo Offline Apply

  1. Visit the nearest Government Camp/Related Office/Panchayat Office for the application form, once it is available from the WB government.
  2. Fill out the form correctly and attach relevant required documents.
  3. Keep the acknowledgment slip for Khela Hobe Prokolpo’s future purposes.

 Please note that the official announcement from the WB Government for the Khela Hobe Prokolpo is still pending and to be notified soon. Once the official declaration is made regarding the official website, application process for online/offline process, etc. we will give you the update in our article at the same time.

Required Documents For Khela Hobe Prokolpo

  • MGNREGA Job Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Voter id card
  • Bank Pass Book
  • Income certificate
  • Photographs
  • Valid Mobile Number

Khela Hobe Prokolpo Eligibility Criteria

(Please note that nonjob card holders can also apply for the Khela Hobe Prokolpo in future, which will be later intimidated by the West Bengal Government.)

What is Khela Hobe Prokolpo?

According to the Khela Hobe Prokolpo and as per the announcement by WB Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, the West Bengal Government will try to provide job opportunities to all West Bengal MGNREGA job card holders for their survival and for a better future

Under the Khela Hobe Prokolpo, the West Bengal State Government will provide 40 to 45 days of work every year to all the job card holders and the money will be directly credited to them in their bank account.

Benefits of Khela Hobe Prokolpo

  • To provide the 100-day job card holders (MGNREGA), a job opportunity from the WB Government.
  • The poor people will be the main beneficiaries under this scheme from the State Government.
  • The amount will be transferred directly to the beneficiary bank account without any hindrance.
  • For the upliftment of the poor people of rural areas to give them a better future.
  • Under the WB Khela Hobe Prokolpo, the standard of living of poor people will be improved.
  • With the financial help under this scheme, people can take care of their health with good nutritional food and timely medicines.
  • The employment rate and economic growth will gradually increase in West Bengal thus bringing a happy phase in the future.

How the Khela Hobe Prokolpo Will Be Important For West Bengal State? 

  • The poor people will get back to normal life of happiness after getting a job under the Khela Hobe Prokolpo
  • People after getting a job under the Khela Hobe Prokolpo will build up a positive mind along with good discipline in society.
  • Helping poor people in rural areas to shape a good future for their children in the educational field.
  • The improved economic condition and profitable financial growth can be seen in the upcoming days for West Bengal.
  • With the success of the  Khela Hobe Prokolpo, it will be a pride moment for us to promote the Khela Hobe Prokolpo to a higher advanced level.

Khela Hobe Prokolpo Features

  • For the Khela Hobe Prokolpo, only poor applicants from rural areas are direct beneficiaries of the Scheme who have lost their 100-days Work.
  • For filling up the application form, the MGNREGA Job card and Aadhar Card are required.
  • The Khela Hobe Prokolpo provides 40-45 days of guaranteed work from the State Government.
  • The daily wages for the Khela Hobe Prokolpo are set according to the Wage Rate Act which will be declared officially later by the West Bengal Government.
  • The total implementation of the Khela Hobe Prokolpo will be maintained by the Panchayat Office and the related Rural Development Department.
  • The official website, application form details, amount, start date, etc. all will be declared officially by the West Bengal Government in a few days.

Khela Hobe Prokolpo Conclusion

The Khela Hobe Prokolpo will bring a great change in our society as it will create a good platform for filling up the unemployed sectors of West Bengal. 

The education rate and health conditions will improved a lot for the poor people who would get the direct benefits of the Khela Hobe Prokolpo.  

Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee wants to create the path for a shining bright future by introducing the Khela Hobe Prokolpo

Under this Khela Hobe Prokolpo/Scheme, the job card holders who have lost the job are going to get back their job back for 40-45 days of work, as of now from the State Government.

With the announcement of the Khela Hobe Prokolpo, the eligible applicants for the scheme are waiting eagerly for the official declaration from the WB Government. 

So since the official word is still to be out from the Government, there is no need to worry about the Khela Hobe Prokolpo-related information. We are doing our best to gather all the updated information on the upcoming Prokolpo/Scheme to provide you with the correct information at the right time. 

In this article, we have tried to cover all the points of the Khela Hobe Prokolpo, Khela Hobe Scheme 2023 like the Documents Required, Eligibility, Online/Offline Processes, and Benefits so that the user can have full knowledge of this Prokolpo/Scheme before applying.

“So please visit our article to get the latest updates of the Khela Hobe Prokolpo and to be ready with proper information given by us for the application process, once the official declaration is out”

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