Seer Varisai Thattu Items List

Article about: Seer varisai thattu items price & Seer varisai thattu items list.

The items which are essential for making a seer varisai thattu plate are listed below. Scroll and have a look of the items of seer varisai plate.

Seer varisai thattu items price

Seer varisai plate


To make a complete seer varisai plate along with the items depends upon the quality and quantity of the items. Different items cost differently and so the cost of seer varisai thattu plate may differ.

Yet, it is suggested that a complete seer varisai thattu plate costs 500 – 1500. But always keep it in mind that it solely revolves around the items’ quality and how much they cost. Links are given below where you can check out the price of the plate that needed to make a seer varisai thattu item. If you wish, please use it as per your choice.

Seer varisai thattu items list

Here is a complete list of the items to make an attractive see varisai thattu plate:

  • fruits 
  • nuts 
  • dry fruits 
  • chocolates
  • makeup kits
  • sweets
  • snacks 
  • Clothes

These plates are made of various items. As so many items are there, it takes a huge time to be prepared. The whole preparation needs to be executed with the correct planning and time.

Not only weddings but also baby showers, engagements, Nichayarhartham, Valaikappu, Puberty, Seemantham, Gurhapravesam, Kathukuthu, Mappillai Azhaippu Age Attend Function, Housewarming, Ear piercing and others are there to be considered very auspicious and demand huge celebration. 

Seer Varisai Thattu decoration makes every occasion better and fills it with grandeur. Those plates are decorated with fruits, nuts, dry fruits, chocolates, makeup kits, sweets, snacks etc. 

Seer Varisai Thattu

An integral part of South Indian weddings is seer varisai plates. These plates are colorful and variously decorated, sometimes they are jaw-dropping. It shows the grandeur of the ceremony. A ritual that connotes the groom into the family, the seer thattu is there to encapsulate the attention. 

Amid marriage colors, seer varisai plays an additional role. There are a variety of seer plates, such as wedding seervarisai or marriage seervarisai, vilayadal seer and so on for the wedding. Seer varisai plates are available for every function, you can name the plates as per your choice. 

Every traditional marriage function has followed by Seer Varisai Thattu. It is highly observed in Hindu Marriage. The whole adds up the extra glow with the arrangements of Seer Varisai Plates Decorations. These decorations are purely structured upon the budget and expectations of the bride’s family. 

History of Seer varisai thattu

So, it is solely a gifting ritual. The ritual bears history. In the old days, when girls got married they had less contact with their parents. Their parents did not know the daughters’ whereabouts and how about. 

Only the trust that their daughters lived happily ever after held the string. Generations had passed and as we know all, the domination of patriarchy started to rule over everything and wedding became no exception of it. 

The bridegroom’s family acted as superior in every aspect of life. The most interesting scene was seen in the eyes of parents who had both boy and girl as their wards. Those parents played a dual role in the face of a wedding. 

Their attitude became altered when they connect with the opposite side of the wedding group. With time, after a girl was getting married, the girl’s family felt humiliated to take a visit to their daughter at her in-laws’ home. 

The other scenario was that the girls were dominated and suppressed by in-laws and husbands this time. Patriarchal sovereignty prevailed all over there in our society though it was not a new normal to us. 

We have heard such stories over the generations from our grandmothers, mothers or aunts. The dominance caused deep depression for the parents. They started worrying about their children after marriage because those children were not being allowed to be seen or sent back to their homes. 

At that moment, it was high time to ponder over the matter. And finally, they discovered a way to meet their yearning to see their daughters. To avoid humiliation, they began to visit the daughters’ in-laws’ homes with some gifts. 

It was gifted during auspicious days so that the cordial warmth strengthened the relationships. Due to this, a lot of things got settled. They made frequent visits to their child. They were ensured that their children were safe. 

Daughters were gifted with some good stuff that they could not get from in-laws. This custom also made sure of the daughter’s arrival at their home once in a while. Thus this very habit was followed on auspicious occasions. 

The meaning of seer varisai has changed

Till now we see the meaning of the ritual or its importance. But every coin has two sides. So, when some parents sent gifts to get to know about their girl’s life, on the other side, some parents meant it differently. 

For them, every gift bore a sign that the girl had parents who continuously supported her and if anything wrong happened at her in-laws’ house they would be answered. This is how seer varisai came into practice. 

In our society, we were misled by so many things and the seer varisai concept also was no exception. Generations, one after another started demanding gifts from the engagement ceremony and continued all through life. Thus, we can say “Dowry” expands everywhere. 


The custom once started to protect a woman which has later the cause of her suffering. The actual meaning of seer varisai is that there is always someone who will protect her and will take up efficient steps whenever in need. So, she is not to be taken for granted as she is someone’s daughter, sister, friend or so on. 

Therefore, gifts not only mean materialistic aspects but remind us that someone is always there by our side. This feeling is immeasurable. It is not just a ceremonial way to celebrate but a bond of love and care to be esteemed forever.

Hope you find this article beneficial. With immense searching on Google and interviewing with some seer varisai plate decorators, all the information has been collected. For making a seer varisai plate, you must use the above-mentioned item list. Otherwise, your decoration remains incomplete.

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