West Bengal Job Card List 2023 -Number Search

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Article topic: West Bengal Job Card List 2023 & West Bengal Job card number search.

The online Job Card number search is available on the Official website of the Ministry of Rural Development, ‘nrega.nic.in’.

The ‘National Rural Employment Guarantee Act’ or ‘NREGA’ was passed in 2005 & the scheme was launched in 2006. It was renamed to ‘Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act’ or ‘MGNREGA’. 

Govt. of India is successfully running the largest social security scheme in the world. MGNREGA aims to guarantee the ‘right to work’.

West Bengal Job Card Number Search

For an online West Bengal Job card number search. There are some steps below-

1) At first, go to Google or Chrome browser for typing the word “Job Card’ and visit the official website of the Job Card. 

2) Then click on Generate Report Option.

Gram Panchayat job card official website

3) Then scroll down and choose your State.

4) Then select the initial year or running year like 2023-2024.

5) Then You have to choose your district as well as your block.

6) Then the Panchayat has to be selected.

7) After going through these steps click on Proceed Option.

8) After that, if you scroll down the new interface that will open, you have to click on the number 4 option which is the ‘Job employment register option’.

West Bengal Job Card Number Search online

9) As a result, all the job cards available under Gram Panchayat will be displayed.

10) By going to the find page on the right side of the mobile and searching with your name. You can easily check the status of your job card, even the status of your job card number. Let’s learn what the Job card is. 

West Bengal Job Card List 2023

You can check the list of new job cards in West Bengal from the link given below. The method to check West Bengal Job Card List 2023 is given above. If you follow this method, there will be no difficulty in checking the job card list.

What is a Job card

The Word ‘Job’ means work or employment. So a Job Card is one type of card that specifies a detailed description of a work that is Performed for a work order. The Job Card was ensured to all the adult members of a rural household who are looking to work as unskilled physical laborers will receive at least 100 days of work.

It is the entry pass into the MGNREGA Scheme. The scheme aims to provide poor individuals with a chance to work & earn a livelihood. So that they can provide the basic necessities for their families.

The Job Card is issued to family-wise not to each & every individual. It is issued to the Head of the Family. All the adult members of the family can be Applicants for that Job Card.

If a single person lives separately from the family then the person will become the Head of the family and also the Applicant. Also, people can check the Assam job card list on the official website of MGNREGA /

West Bengal Job Card Benefits

  • The Central Govt. introduce a Social Welfare Scheme named MGNREGA where every rural household can demand Work from the Govt. & then get paid for the work that they do. 
  • It allows for Paid work with the gram Panchayat in their local areas.
  • It is a demand-driven wage employment program, which provides for livelihood security by providing guaranteed employment for a fixed period.
  • It is not limited to only BPL & is open to the entire unemployed labor force.
  • The scheme increased the Power of Gram Panchayat.
  • The Core aim of the scheme is to ensure guaranteed employment. You do not need to wander from Place to Place for a Job. 
  • Through this Job card, the social & economic development of all rural Indians takes place.
  • The NREGA Job Card now becomes a legal identity document, that can be used in many places like voting, Opening bank accounts. It is used to complete Kyc at Bank & Post offices for opening accounts.
  • The Scheme Promotes the betterment of infrastructure in rural areas & also better utilization of land & water resources.
  • NREGA Scheme enhances the Condition of people who are Socially Privileged or belong to ST, SC & women.

Apply for West Bengal Job Card

The West Bengal Job Card application form may be given on a Prescribed form or Plain Paper to the local gram Panchayat office. The Process of registration is totally offline. However, You can also download the application form from the official website www.nrega.nic.in.

Follow some steps mentioned below when the application is made.

  1. First of all write down the Name, Age, and Gender of all NREGA Job Card applicants from the household. 
  2. Then mention the Name of the village, Gram Panchayat, Block, and District. 
  3. Mention the details if the applicant is SC/ST/LR etc. 
  4. Specimen signature or Thumb impression of applicants.
  5. After filling out the form submit it at the Gram Panchayat.
  6. Additionally, a Proof document of identity & address such of
  1. Andhaar Card,
  2. Pan Card
  3. Voter card
  4. Ration card,
  5. Bank Passbook
  6. Pass Port Size Photos need to be submitted as well.

 After verification of your details, a Job card will be issued to you.

 Who can apply for West Bengal Job Card Registration? 

Any person who is above the age of 18 from a household and resides in a rural area and who does not have work can apply for registration under the west Bengal job card Scheme. The registration is valid for 5 years & it may be renewed. 

You can register for the West Bengal Job Card throughout the Year.  This MGNREGA Job Card 2023 is applicable to people of all the villages who have Nrega. nic. in cards and did not get any employment for at least 100 days. 

So if you do not have an NREGA job Card then you must check the MGNREGA Job Card list 2023 in which the name Of all the card holders is available.

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Lastly, we say that through this article you got the West Bengal Job Card list 2023 & you learn West Bengal Job Card number searching process.

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