What is Damini Lightning App? Benefits of using this App?

About: What is Damini Lightning App? What benefits of using this App? Damani App has been advised by the Meteorological Department to be aware of the danger of lightning in advance.

This Damani App has been developed by the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology and earth system science organization to get weather forecasts.

Do you know what this Damani lighting App is? What benefits will this app provide for us?

We know that many people are affected by lightning, many people lose their lives and many people get damaged when the lightning strikes around their homes. According to central government statistics, about 2,000 people die every year due to lightning in India.

According to central government statistics, the death rate due to lightning is 4 percent in urban areas and 96 percent in rural areas. So, to be aware of this danger in advance, the Meteorological Department has suggested the use of the Damani app.

You can easily download and use this Damani app from Play Store. Through this app, you can see the real-time lightning signal in your area within twenty kilometers.

By getting this advance warning you can take measures to protect yourself.

About Damani App

App NameDamani Lightning App
Developed by The Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology and the earth system science organization
Made in2019
For whomEspecially for people who live in rural areas and farmers.
Effective distanceWithin 20 to 40 km of the user
About Damani App

What is Damani Lightning App?

Damani Lightning App is developed by the Indian institute of tropical meteorology and earth system science organization, which provides advance warnings about lightning. The primary scope of the Damani app is that the app provides lightning warnings within twenty kilometers from the user’s location and up to a maximum of forty kilometers.

This warning message is issued to users 30 to 40 minutes before the onset of lightning. The Damani app was developed by the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology and the earth system science organization in 2019 to protect from the danger of lightning.

You can easily download this app from Google Play Store. The size of this app is only 3.6 MB, which means that the app can be installed on the phone quickly.

Benefits of Damani App

The advantages of this app are-

  1. Through this app, you can know if there is a danger of lightning nearby and you can take necessary measures accordingly.
  2. Another great advantage is that if there is a threat of lightning, this app gives continuous alerts, whether you open the app or not.
  3. Just keep your phone’s data and GPS on, and you will get automatic alerts.
  4. Also in this app, the map of India is provided, and you can know in which region of India there is a possibility of lightning by the 3D view. This 3D map identifies the special regions of India in which the effect of lightning is currently present and the map can be zoomed in and zoomed out. You can see these pictures by doing this.

This app is very important and useful for people living in rural areas, people working in open fields, and farmers.

How to use the Damani app:

How to use the Damani app:

  1. First, search for the Damani app in the play store, and install the Damani app.
  2. After the app is installed, open the app, and select the language of your choice.
  3. After choosing the language, you will be asked to enable the phone’s GPS. But you can change the phone language whenever you want.
  4. By turning on the GPS and agreeing to the privacy policy of the app, you will reach the main part of the app. Where lightning warnings allow you to see.
Damani lighting App
Damani lighting App

See I have shared a screenshot, here 20 km and 40 km have been marked by rounding with green color. And below it is written ‘No Lighting Warning’ meaning there is no lightning signal.

Damani App Registration Feature:

  Damani app has a registration feature to register your friends or acquaintances, farmers. By registering here, the registrant will receive lightning advance alerts within 20 km of his area.

You can register for yourself and friends or farmers.

Full name, mobile number, address, pin code, and occupation must be filled in to register. By filling in these details you will be registered successfully and will receive weather alert updates automatically.

  1. Is Damini App accurate?

    The Damani app provides accurate information about lightning strikes within twenty kilometers of the user’s location. For which a total of 48 lightning location network sensors have been installed in India by Tropical Metrology.

  2. What is Damani App?

    The Damini app provides lightning forecasts within twenty kilometers based on the user’s location. This app is made to be alert from lightning. This app is available for both iPhone and Android.

  3. What is the customer care number of Damini app?

    The customer care number of the Damani App is 1800220161.

  4. What is Damini app for Iphone?

    Damini app for iphone is Damini Lightning Alert 4+.


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