Vitthal Rukmini Varkari Bima Chhatra Yojana 2024: Upto 5 lakh Insurance

This article contains all the necessary information about the Vitthal Rukmini Varkari Bima Chhatra Yojana which has recently been announced by the Maharashtra Government for the Varkaris.

Further, this article also contains the benefits, enrollment process and required documents which are required for the Vitthal Rukmini Varkari Bima Chhatra Yojana. Last, but not least this article also carries information regarding the Varkari Movement and everything related to that.

Vitthal Rukmini Varkari Bima Chhatra Yojana 2023

Yojana Name:Vitthal Rukmini Varkari Bima Chhatra Yojana
Launched ByGovernment of Maharashtra
BeneficiaryInjured/deceased persons
PurposeProvide Health Insurence/Medical Treatment
BenefitsHealth Insurance
Insurance coverage 35 thousand to 5 lakh rupees
Application ProcessOffline/online

The Chief Minister of Maharashtra State, Eknath Shinde and the deputy chief minister, Devendra Fadnavis on Wednesday that is 21st of June 2023 announced to implement of the scheme called “Vitthal Rukmini Varkari Bima Chhatra Yojana” which administers insurance cover for the pilgrims of Varkari

The government has implemented this Vitthal Rukmini Varkari Bima Chhatra Yojana by keeping in mind the betterment of the Varkaris of the Maharashtra state. This yojana will be for 30 days.

Lakhs of Varkari brothers and sisters travel a very long way to Pandharpur to bow down at the feet of Vitthal on Asadhi Ekadashi. During the 1 monthly long journey and thousands and thousands of people are prone to accidents, injury, permanent or partial injury or disability and most of the time they tend to lose their life. 

This is why the Government of Maharashtra has taken this important decision and launched the ‘Vitthal Rukmini Varkari Bima Chhatra Yojana’ scheme for workers. You must book your Pandharpur Darshan pass online to visit Vitthal Rukmini.

Vitthal Rukmini Varkari Bima Chhatra Yojana Insurance Cover 

Under the Vitthal Rukmini Varkari Bima Chhatra Yojana Insurance Cover for the Varkari:

Damage TypeInsurance Amount
In case of the unfortunate demise-Rupees 5 lakh.
In case of lifelong disability-Rupees 1 lakh.
In case of partial disability-Rupees 50 Thousand
In case of medical treatment-up to Rupees 35 Thousand.
Vitthal Rukmini Varkari Bima Chhatra Yojana Insurance Amount
Vitthal Rukmini Varkari Bima Chhatra Yojana Insurance amount

While going on the pilgrimage many Varkaris tend to lose their life in the terrific crowd. So, despite the mishaps that take place during the pilgrimage, the Maharashtra government has taken a great initiative of giving insurance coverage to the Varkaris. 

Vitthal Rukmini Varkari Bima Chhatra Yojana Required Documents 

  • Basic address proof.
  • Identification certificate such as Aadhar card.
  • Bank account information.
  • Death certificate or medical certificate.
  • Contact number and a passport-size photograph.
  • Registration certificate of Varkaris.

By Submitting the following above-mentioned documents to the Relief and Rehabilitation department, the Varkaris who are injured or have died can claim under the Vitthal Rukmini Varkari Bima Chhatra Yojana.

Vitthal Rukmini Varkari Bima Chhatra Yojana Recruitment

The Varkaris who are to enroll in the scheme can enroll online at any Varkari Sheva Mandal Office.

  • The Varkaris need to register with the Varkari Seva Mandal.
  • The Varkaris need to provide their primary details such as their name, age and contact number.
  • The Varkaris need to provide a copy of their identification document or their Aadhar card.

Vitthal Rukmini Varkari Bima Chhatra Yojana Advantages

The Maharashtra Government has tried its level best to provide all sorts of benefits to the Varkaris, some of them are the following:

  • Monetary security in the event of a mishap or death.
  • Increasing awareness among people about the importance of safety during the pilgrimage.
  • The Scheme has the potential to reduce the chances of mishaps and deaths during the pilgrimage.

The Vitthal Rukmini Varkari Bima Chhatra Yojana is a great initiative taken by the government of Maharashtra to provide social welfare to the Varkaris and their respective families. It will make people aware of the accidents and as a result, they must take necessary precautions during the pilgrimage.

About Pandharpur Asadhi Vari

In terms of the Marathi Language, One who performs the Vari is known as Varkari. Pandharpur Vari means to stroll down from one’s residence to Lord Pandharpur to honor Vithoba.

It is said that Vithalpant, the father of the saint Varkari, Dynaeshwar started the body to call on Pandharpur in the Hindu months of Kartik and Ashad.

It involves bearing the footwear of a holy person in a palanquin, especially of Dynaeshwar and Tukaram from their corresponding holy places to Pandharpur. The pilgrimage almost takes 21 days and many devotees join this procession on foot.

 The Varkaris always remonetize the lord during all their activities and thus follow a controlled family life so that they can attain religious independence and can sacrifice everything for the sake of the lord. In this way, The life of a Varkari is interpreted.

History Of Asadhi Ekadashi

Asadhi Ekadashi is a Hindu festival celebrated in Maharashtra. It is celebrated by the Varkari

community. Every year it is celebrated during ashad Shukla paksha and it is also known as Devashayani Ekadasi.

This Festival is associated with lord Vitthal, who is also known as Vithoba. It is believed that Lord Vithoba is a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vitthal temple is situated on the banks of the Chandrabhaga River in Pandharpur.

Every year lakhs of Varkaris walk to Pandharpur for the celebration of the Asadhi Ekadashi and

to seek blessings from Lord Vitthal. It is also known as vari. The celebration involves singing bhajan, kirtan, traditional songs and dance. 

Every year people celebrate this festival with full grace and great devotion. The Saint- Poets of Varkari are known for their Spiritual songs, the abhang that is dedicated to Vithoba which is fully composed in the Marathi Language. People here believe in their one God.

They have that faith that god is everywhere and people see God within other people. There were no differences between people on the basis of their domicile, caste, creed, color and soon.

About Pandharpur Yatra

Pandharpur Wari is a Yatra of devotees who performs the pilgrimage on their foot. When they reach Pandharpur, they bathe in the Sacred Bhima River before entering the Vithoba Temple.

Varkari is a Sampradaya, that is, a sort of Religious Movement within the Bhakti Spiritual. The tradition of Hinduism. Varkaris were historically the followers of Vitthal and Rakhamai. 

This tradition dates back to Ancient Times and is 700-800 years back. Saint Dynaeshwar’s Palanquin leaves for Alandi while Saint Tukaram’s begins from Dehu.

About Events Held During Pilgrimage

Events such as Ringan and Dhava are held during the pilgrimage. The Ringan is a spiritual horse which is called Maulincha Hasva and is believed to be the Saint’s Spiritual Horse, Ringan is carried in the litter it runs through the pilgrim’s rows and tries to catch the dust particles and after that, they smear their head with the same.

Dhava is different from Ringan and Dhava is another kind of race where each and every person wins the race and thus it is held to commemorate the manner in which Saint Tukaram saw the temple of Pandharpur and ran in utter exaltation.

Features of the Varkaris:-

  • A Varkari is a strict Vegan.
  • A Varkari wears a Garland of Tulsi Beads around his or her neck.
  • “Pundalika Varada Panduranga Hari Vitthal!” is the ecstatic exclamation in between
  • songs.
  • Fasting twice a month during Ekadashi is to be done.
  • Should have a self-restraint student life.
  • A Varkari is no recluse, he will have his family.
  • He shall follow the rules of a pure life like visiting Pandharpur every year during the
  • Rainy Season.
  • The people of Varkari always move in a group irrespective of their caste, color and creed
  • performing religious songs.

Importance of Asadhi Ekadashi:-

Asadhi Ekadashi is a day of great celebration and enjoyment at Pandharpur when the Devotees of Varkari gathers from all over Maharashtra walking all the way from their homes to Pandharpur to have the Holy sight of their beloved God. 

The Padma Puranas and Skadma Puranas refer to places known asPundarikakshetra and Panduranga-kshetra. Very soon Pandharpur became the center of the Bhakti movement in Maharashtra, with several saint poets who belonged to different castes, hailing Vitthal.

The Varkari Sect holds a very prominent place in Maharashtra. Many Ancient Scholars believe that these sects were spread across Maharashtra during the 13th Century A.D.

About the Various Sants of the Varkari Movement:-

Sant Namdeo

He was a great saint of the Varkari Movement. He was a skilled organizer and performed various types of kirtans, bhajan and traditional songs. He awakened the sense of equality among all the men and women belonging to all the cast via his kirtans. 

Many saints and common people wear were influenced by his teachings. His composition is included in the Guru Granth Sahib of Sikhs.

Sant Dnyaneshwar

He was a great saint in the Varkari Movement. He wrote the ‘ Bhavartha – Deepika’ or ‘Dnyaneshwari elucidates the meaning of the Sanskrit ‘Bhagavad Gita‘. He preached the importance of the path of devotion through his works and composition.

Sant Eknath

He was a great saint in the Bhakti movement in Maharashtra. His compositions are many and diverse. They include abhyanga, gavalana, bharud etc. He has stated the Bhagwat Dharm in a simple and in detail. He has portrayed people’s life in Bhavarth Ramayana through the story of Ram.

Vitthal Rukmini Varkari Bima Chhatra Yojana – Conclusion

The Maharashtra government has taken this great Vitthal Rukmini Varkari Bima Chhatra Yojana with the aim of giving monetary help to each and every people of Varkari and their families. Thus, we hope that we have succeeded in providing all the necessary information regarding the above-mentioned scheme. Everything about the scheme has been briefly.

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