BMTC Student Bus Pass Online Application 2023-24 (Form PDF)

Get the BMTC Bus pass application form PDF and know the BMTC student online application process 2023-24.

BMTC set in motion a smart card ticketing system in 2016. The main objective is to arrange a minimum fare for the daily passengers. All the students who read in any institution are eligible to avail of the pass.

Those beneficiaries can travel in the BMTC buses. The scheme somehow promotes the use of buses and depletes the traffic and pollution level.

BMTC Student Bus Pass 2023-24

AboutBMTC student bus pass online application
Application Typeonline\online
DepartmentGovernment of Karnataka Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation
Another OptionKSRTC student bus pass online application

BMTC Bus Pass Online Application 2023

To apply online for BMTC student bus pass, go to the BMTC website Now, Click the option according to your category –

  1. Up to 10th (state)
  3. PUC
  4. Degree/Professional/Technical/Medical/Evening/Phd
  5. Special schools
bmtc bus pass online application 2023-24

Fill up the form by giving your name, SAT number, DOB, address, parent’s name, contact number, email id, Aadhar number, pass amount, institution details, travel route details, and upload the document (photograph & form).

bmtc student pass application

After filling out the form, agree to the terms and conditions. Now, click on the “Send OTP” option. Your online application process is completed.

Apart from this student can also apply for free bus pass through the KSRTC student bus pass online application.

BMTC Bus Pass Online Application 2023-24 for puc

bmtc bus pass online application 2023-24 for puc

To apply online for BMTC Bus Pass for PUC Students, go to the BMTC website Then, click on the “PUC” category. Fill up the form by giving your standard (class 11/12), student name, parent name, Institution details, student address, contact number, email id, Adhar number, pass amount, travel route details, and lastly the details of the documents.

bmtc bus pass online application 2023 for puc

Agree to the terms and conditions and click the “Send OTP” option.

BMTC Student Bus Pass Eligibility

Eligibility for BMTC Bus Pass is as follows:

  1. The citizens must be daily bus passengers.
  2. They must have proof that they belong to Bangalore.
  3. They should have a domicile certificate.

Students can opt for monthly or yearly passes as per choice. Applicants cannot possess any other bus passes. If they already have other passes, then they are not eligible to apply for a BMTC bus pass.

As I stated, to include public transport more in daily routine, the authority took the initiative. To avail of each and every scheme, we must possess some criteria. Here in the following list those criteria are going to be mentioned:

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BMTC Bus Pass Application form pdf 2023-24

Here is the Bmtc bus pass application form.

Bmtc Free Bus Pass Online Application for Students

Student can fill out the form using your mobile or desktop. Before going to fill the form you should be aware that all the documents needed for the same are ready.

You can also apply for a free pass from any of the bus stations in Bangalore. You can ensure to the nearest bus stations, take the free bus form and fill it in with accurate details. Then, you can submit the form to the counter.

BMTC Free Bus Pass for Women

AboutWomen free bus pass card
Application TypeOnline
Apply link
UnderSeva Sindhu shakti smart card yojana

Nowadays, each government provides facilities through various programs for the betterment of the people. In every budget, the government allows capital for many schemes. BMTC Free Bus Pass is also such a scheme. Here you will be provided with detailed information about BMTC free bus passes for women so that ladies know about this scheme.

Free Bus Pass Online Apply for Women

  • Women can apply for a free bus pass through the Seva Sindhu website (
  • On the homepage, click “Apply for Shakti Smart card online”.
  • Click on new registration.
  • Put all the details mentioned in the registration form.
  • A username and a password will be generated.
  • Now, log in to the application form.
  • Fill out the form carefully.
  • Upload your document and a recent passport-size photograph.

After completion of the process, you will receive an application number. Keep tracking your application and check your status until your card has been issued.

What are the eligibility criteria for women free bus pass?

Following eligibility criteria are requered for women free bus pass:

  • The beneficiary must be a woman.
  • Individuals belonging to the Karnataka state
  • Permission is granted also for the transgender community.

Required Documents for Karnataka Shakti Scheme

  • Aadhar card
  • Address proof/ residential certificate
  • Valid mobile number
  • Passport size photograph
  • Travel route information

How to Check Status of Bus Pass

  • Visit the official website
  • Click on check status
  • Enter your application number and keep yourself updated

BMTC Free bus for ladies in Karnataka

Under the Shakti scheme, in the state-run buses, 50 percent of seats are reserved for men also. Beneficiaries must be permanent residents of Karnataka. Along with women, transgenders are also eligible for taking advantage of the Shakti scheme.

Luxury buses such as Ambari Utsav Fly Bus, Rajahamsa, Ambari Dream Class, Non-AC sleeper, Vajra, Vayu Vajra, Airavat, Airavat Club Class, Ambari, EV Power Plus have been excluded to perform the facility of free bus fair.

Free bus pass for ladies in Karnataka Terms and conditions

  • City, ordinary and express bus services will be provided.
  •  Women can travel without any fare on bus services.
  • The Shakti Scheme will not be applicable for luxury buses like Rajahamsa, Non-AC sleeper, Vajra, Vayu Vajra, Airavat, Airavat Club Class, Airavat Gold Class, Ambari, Ambari Dream Class, Ambari Utsav Fly Bus, EV Power Plus.
  •  Half of the seats on buses will be reserved for men.
  • The government will track the actual distance covered by each and every beneficiary.

Free bus pass women’s smartcards

The smartcards will be rigged out on the government’s Seva Sindhu website. It will take a minimum of three months to get the cards in hand. Until the cards have not come into effect beneficiaries can use their government-authorized identity cards for traveling.

Online application for Women’s Shakti Smart Card has started from 11th June through the portal.

Bmtc Helpline Number Toll-free

If you face any problem, you can contact the travel department at BMTC toll-free number 180 425 1663.

Earlier, customer service numbers were always found busy. So, the problems cannot be resolved. In that case, BMTC Helpline performs very well. There is multiple staff to give 24*7 assistance for the sake of the customers. The accurate information provided by the BMTC Helpline saves you time and effort.

Several Websites on the internet are there to provide countless pieces of information. But here believe that this article will be beneficial in all the ways you desire. Go through all the information regarding BMTC free bus pass online application and comprehend the matter.

Shakti smart card Karnataka for women

The Shakti smart card scheme comes into practice from June 11 and provides benefits only for women with Karnataka domicile. Girl students will also be privileged. For the first three months, beneficiaries have to show their photo identity card for address proof.

After seeing this address proof, the bus conductor will issue free bus tickets for the beneficiaries. Until the smart cards have not been issued, these identity proofs act as residential proof to travel. It will approximately take three months to issue the smart cards.

As per the announcement, the government urges the requirement of the smart card to track the free passenger service. The smart cards will assist the road transport corporation to track the exact distance traveled by those women passengers.

In addition to that only non-ac buses are available for BMTC Scheme Service. Luxury buses and air-conditioned buses are not enlisted for BMTC Free Pass.

Thereafter, beneficiaries must obtain Shakti smartcards through an application process on the respective website. 40 lakh women will be allowed to visit. The number of beneficiaries may rise later. It costs the government to allot about 4,700 crore per year.

Better services will be provided after the scheme has been rolled out successfully. After successful implementation, the government also helps BMTC financially to execute its needs.

Additionally, it also inspires passengers to make maximum use of buses rather than private vehicles and controls pollution and traffic.


How to register the institute name in BMTC bus pass?

To register the institute name in the BMTC bus pass, visit and click on “institution registration”.Fill up the form by giving institution details, Nodal officer details, document details, and agree to terms and conditions. Click on send OTP option.

How to get BMTC bus pass for college students?

College students can get the BMTC bus pass online on the official website of BMTC and also from the Seva Sindhu portal ( Students need to open the website, select the category, fill up the form, upload the required documents, and click on submit OTP option.

What is the last date to fill BMTC bus pass?

There is no last date to fill BMTC bus pass. You can apply anytime according to your wish.

Digitalization adds effectiveness to our modern world. Each and every step is now being measured by digitalization. The same is applicable to BMTC Free Bus Pass. Here, we are discussing the complete details of the BMTC Application Process.

BMTC (Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation) is an organization that handles all the public transport activities within Bengaluru. As reported by the managing director of BMTC, it provides a maximum number of Volvo bus services in the country.

The advanced technology of BMTC makes a connection to almost every part of the country. BMTC has 34 bus stations within the city and 3 main bus stations. BMTC operates both day and night bus services.

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