MP Sambal Card Download PDF by Samagra ID

Know how to download the MP Sambal card PDF by Samagra ID and status check process.

The Madhya Pradesh Government has recently launched the Sambal Card to provide multiple benefits to labor-class families who are surviving under the poverty line.

Sambal Card Download Overview

TopicSambal Card Download
Scheme NameMukhyamantri Jan Kalyan Sambal Yojana 2023
Scheme Launch ByMadhya Pradesh Government
StateMadhya Pradesh
BeneficiariesPoor Labour Class Family of Unorganized Sector
For The Year2023
Scheme CategoryUnder Madhya Pradesh Government Scheme
Under DepartmentLabour Department, Madhya Pradesh
ObjectiveFinancial Help to Poor Labour-Class Family
Official Website
Application ProcessBoth Offline and Online Processes
Download File PDF Version 
HomepageClick here

The  Madhya Pradesh State Government has announced both offline and online methods for the Sambal card download and all the information related to it is discussed on our webpage below.

Download MP Sambal Card by Samagra ID

To download the Sambal card Online, visit the official website of the Sambal Portal (

Then on the homepage of the Sambal Portal, we have to look for “Beneficiary Details” and we have to just place the mouse pointer on the “Beneficiary Details” to view the 9 Digit Composite Member Id box.

Sambal Card Download by Samagra ID

On the “Member ID” box we have to enter a nine-digit Member ID which we got at the time of the online application process for Sambal card 2.0.

On entering the Member ID details, we will be able to view the “Beneficiary Dashboard”

In the “Beneficiary Dashboard,” you will get all the information related to your Sambal card. 

On the left side of the “Beneficiary Dashboard,” we can have the option of Print displaying on the page.

After clicking on the Print option the Sambal card will be downloaded and a PDF version of the Sambal Card will be opened on our screen.

We need to take a printout of the Sambal card PDF file and use it for the Sambal Yojana 2023 and other related works.

Sambal Card Download Offline Process

Sambal card download offline processes are as follows:-

  • To download the Sambal card through the Offline method, the applicant needs to first visit the Gram Panchayat/District level zone office.
  • Then they need to provide the Member ID of their submitted Sambal card to the authorized officials of the Gram Panchayat/District level zone office.
  • Then the authorized officials can give the update on the Sambal card status to the applicants.
  • Once the Sambal card is done, they can get the printout of the Sambal card from the Gram Panchayat/District level zone office itself.

How to check Sambal Card Status

  • For the Sambal card status check, visit the Sambal Portal (
  • Then click on the Sambal Card application status oiption.
  • Then enter your nine-digit Member Id.
  • You can get the full details of the Sambal card processing as of now.
  • If the Sambal card is approved by the State government, then you will get the message “Sambal Card is Approved And Available for Download” on the screen.

What is the Purpose of Sambal Card

The main purpose of the Sambal card is to provide financial help and social security to the poor labor-class families of Madhya Pradesh. The Madhya Pradesh Government is now trying to address and solve every single issue faced by poor labor families under the poverty line.

So with this purpose, the Sambal card has been introduced to provide financial help and benefits to the poor class laborers working in an unorganized sector.

Sambal Card Uses

The main use and purpose of the Sambal card are to provide financial assistance to all poor labor families who are below the poverty line. The important uses of the Sambal card are:

  • Education incentives.
  • Maternity facilities.
  • Skill development campaign.
  • Health insurance cover.
  • Electricity bill waiver.
  • Providing financial help and agricultural instruments for farmers.

What are the Benefits of Sambal Card

We can often see that Government launched programs and schemes usually do not reach directly poor class families and laborers who are under the Poverty line. To break these differences, the Sambal card has been introduced to directly provide financial help to suffering families. Further benefits of the Sambal card are discussed below.

  • With the help of the Sambal card, maternity facilities will be provided to pregnant women of the state by the government.
  • The deserving students will receive educational incentives from the Madhya Pradesh Government with the help of a Sambal card.
  • The Sambal card also provides financial help for the funeral rites of the poor labor family
  • Health insurance is also provided to accident victims by the use of a Sambal card. 
  • Sambal card is also used as an electricity waiver. It means that for those candidates whose electricity bill is due, their electricity bill will be relinquished by the Madhya Pradesh Government
  • Advanced and better equipment will be provided for agricultural purposes
  • For maintaining the Sambal card, there are no specific extra charges.
  • Sambal card is also used for the benefits of free health services.
  • With the use of a Sambal card, employment will also be provided to unemployed and poor candidates
  • The Sambal cardholder will also get the benefits of various schemes of the Central Government

So, in short, we can say that the Sambal card is a complete package of services provided by the State Government for the poor labor families in Madhya Pradesh.

How to Download Sambal Card Online?

The simple way of downloading the Sambal card is to visit the official website of the Sambal Portal i.e. ( and then click on the “BENEFICIARY DETAILS” section. In this “BENEFICIARY DETAILS” box enter your Symbol/Composite member ID
After entering the Composite member ID, click the ‘View Details’ button. If you click on view details, your sambal card will be opened and below this sambal card, there is an option to print. You can download your Sambal card by clicking on this print option.

How do I get a Sambal card?

The applicant who has already applied for the MP Sambal card can now easily get it from the official website of the Sambal Portal whose link is given( On our webpage.

We have already discussed all the steps related to the MP Sambal card downloads through the Sambal Portal. So it is requested that all the users check the MP Sambal card downloading process from the upper section of this article. Read this article completely for the full information related to the MP Sambal card download so that the users can get it comfortably.

Shivraj Singh Chauhan, the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, has introduced the Sambal card under the scheme of Jan Kalyan Sambal Yojana 2023.

The Sambal card is basically for the labor class and poor families. On our webpage, we have discussed all the information related to the Sambal card download details, Overview, Offline and Online Processes, Purpose, and Uses of the Sambal card along with the Benefits.

With the use of the Sambal card, poor labor families will get a new life and they can change their fortune with a bright future. Sambal smart card is not just a scheme, it is the support of the poor and a ray of hope in the lives of poor laborers who are living life under poverty.

On our webpage, we have tried to discuss all the points related to Sambal card download, both Offline and Online methods. We have clearly mentioned all the instructions for the users so that they can easily understand the process and download the Sambal card to avail of the benefits. 

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