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The Karnataka government recently launched the Shakti scheme to provide free bus passes to all the women of their State.

Under the Karnataka Government, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has recently introduced the Seva Sindhu Shakti scheme along with the Shakti smart card to provide free bus service to all the women of their Karnataka State

Under the Seva Sindhu Shakti scheme, the Shakti scheme has also been introduced to allow all the women of Karnataka state to travel easily and free of cost.

It is to be noted that under this Seva Sindhu Shakti scheme, a reservation of 50% of the men’s seats has also been kept to maintain a hassle-free journey in their Government-operated bus. 

The Shakti Scheme was made available for all the women in their state and it will benefit more than 41.8 Lakh women passengers every day

Under this Seva Sindhu Shakti scheme and with the use of the Shakti smart card, the travel expense for the working women of the poor and lower middle class will be reduced to a great extent. 

This will make the women of their state more independent and empowered. We have provided very clear and descriptive information on the related matter linked with Seva Sindhu Shakti smart card online application.

Seva Sindhu Bus Pass Online Application 2023

Scheme NameShakti Yojana
Karnataka Government SchemeShakti smart card
Launched ByGovernment of Karnataka
CategoryKarnataka Government Sheme
BeneficiariesWomen of the Karnataka State
application Procedureonline
PurposeFree Transport Facility
BenefitsFree bus pass
Apply link
OtherGruha Jyoti Yojana Application Form

Seva Sindhu Bus Pass Online Application Eligibility

For Seva Sindhu Shakti smart card bus pass online application required eligibility are:

  • Only the women of the State are allowed to apply for the scheme
  • The applying woman must be a permanent resident of Karnataka State
  • Students can also apply for the Shakt Smart Card 2023
  • The Transgender Community is also given approval from the Karnataka Government to apply for the Shakti scheme

Shakti Smart Card Online Application Required Documents

Given documents are required for the online application of the Shakti smart card

  • Identity Proof – Aadhar card
  • State Domicile Document
  • Latest Photographs

Seva Sindhu Shakti Smart Card Online Apply

For Shakti smart card online application we need to visit the official website of the Seva Sindhu Portal ( On the homepage of the Karnataka Seva Sindhu Scheme, we have to look for the “Apply for Shakti smart card” heading.

seva sindhu bus pass online application
seva Sindhu bus pass online application

On Clicking the “Apply For Shakti smart card” heading, you will be redirected to a new page asking you for login. Now on the Login Page, you have to enter your login credentials if you already registered.

And if you are a new user then you will have to click on the “New Registration” option and proceed with the further login process. After successfully completing the Login process, you will be able to view the application Form for the Shakti smart card.

Please fill out the application form and give the relevant documents like Aadhar card, Voter ID card, Driving License, and Residential ID card for Shakti smart card carefully.

Then after the successful Shakti smart card application form submission, we have to wait for the Shakti smart card to be generated by the Karnataka Government.

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Shakti Smart Card Apply Online Link

The Shakti Smart Card online application link is “https//”. Through this link, beneficiaries can apply for the Shakti scheme.

Shakti Smart Card Application Form Online

Beneficiaries can download their Shakti Smart Card online application form or fill online through the Karnataka Sevasindhu government website.

Seva Sindhu Shakti Scheme Objective

The main objective of the Shakti Scheme is to provide free bus service and easy transportation facilities to all the women of Karnataka State.

To get all the facilities of Shakti Yojana and to travel freely on the buses, one needs to have the Shakti smart card first. Now it is mandatory for all the women of their state to get the Shakti Scheme by applying online. With the use of Seva Sindhu Shakti smart cards, women can save their travel expense money for their other household expenses and take care of their health. 

Shakti Smart Card Application Date

The Shakti smart card online application has already been started from 11th June 2023 onwards. The Karnataka Government has officially announced that from 11.06.2023, from 1 PM the Shakti scheme has been fully implemented and the online procedure has been started.

Permission of Buses For Shakti Scheme

Women generally use the Shakti Scheme for traveling free of cost in state-run buses. The Karnataka government has set some permissions for travel in buses with Shakti smart cards. Please scroll down for further details of the bus list approved by the Karnataka Government.

  • Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC)
  • Kalyana Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (KKRTC)
  • Bengaluru Metropolitan Transportation Corporation (BMTC)
  • North Western Road Transport Corporation (NWRTC) etc.

Buses Not Allowed for Shakti Scheme

With the recent launch of the Shakti Scheme, all the women in Karnataka State can now travel for free of cost anywhere in Karnataka State. But we need to maintain some restrictions set by the Government by which we cannot travel in all the buses with Shakti smart card.

 The full information related to the restricted buses for travel with Shakti Scheme is given on our webpage.

  • Buses traveling outside the State
  • Any kind of Luxury Buses
  • Any kind of Sleeper Bus including both AC and Non AC
  • Air Thunderbold
  • Ambari
  • Airavat
  • Any Kind of Airport Buses
  • EV Power Plus Buses (AC)

Shakti Scheme Benefits

Shakti Scheme has given a great opportunity for all the women of Karnataka state to avail of free bus pass service. To know other related benefits of the Shakti scheme.

  • Now with the launch of the Shakti Yojana, all the women of Karnataka State can travel free of cost in buses.
  • The Shakti Scheme can also be used as an identity of the beneficiary in the State.
  • The Shakti Scheme issued by the Karnataka Government is also used as resident proof. 
  • Shakti smart card can also be taken as proof that the applying beneficiary is a native of the State and also a permanent resident.
  • We can find all the information related to Name, Age, Gender, and Address in the Shakti Scheme. One can easily carry this smart card while traveling as proof of identity.

Know about Shakti Smart card download process.

Shakti Scheme Guidelines Issued

Please follow the following guidelines set by the Government of Karnataka for the use of the Shakti Scheme

  • Shakti smart card cannot be used for bus services like State Air Conditioned (AC) and Luxury Buses like Rajhansa, Non–AC Sleeper, Vajra, Vayu Vajra, Airavat Club Class, Airavat Gold Class Ambari, Ambari Utsav, Flybus, EV Power, etc. So we have to keep this in mind while traveling with Shakti’s smart card. The following given buses above are excluded from the Karnataka Shakti Scheme
  • Under the Scheme Shakti Yojana,50% of seats are already reserved for male travelers for the State-run bus.
  • The Karnataka Government is trying very hard to complete all the related processes and works for receiving applications and issuing Shakti Scheme through the Seva Sindhu Portal in the next three months.
  • Until the Shakti smart card is issued, the traveler can use any of the Identity cards issued by the Government of India/Government of Karnataka with photographs and residential address on it. The Identity card can be used for traveling and will be considered valid till the Shakti smart card is issued by the Government.
  • It is also to be noted that from 11th June 2023,1 PM onwards the Shakti Scheme has been functional and implemented in buses. 
  • Well as of now till the Shakti Scheme is received, all women can avail of the service of the Shakti Yojana Scheme and travel free of cost by showing any photo identity to the bus conductor.

Shakti Scheme online application Helpline and Contact Details 

For any type of queries related to the Shakti Scheme online application process please refer to the following contact details given below

NameDesignationnDepartmentEmail IdContact No.
V.PonnurajSecretary to GovernmentAdministrative and Personnel Department[email protected]080-22353953/22032633
Dr.Dilesh ShashiDirector,
Electronic Delivery Citizen
E-Civil Service,
[email protected]080-22230281
Varaprasad ReddyB.N, K.A.S.Seva Sindhu Project Director[email protected]8088304855/6361799796

FAQs related to Seva Sindhu Shakti Scheme

When will the Seva Sindhu Shakti smart card application procedure start?

The online application for Seva Sindhu Shakti smart card will start on 11th June 2023 onwards.

How to apply for Shakti Smart Card online in Karnataka??

To apply for the Shakti smart card we need to first apply for it in the official portal of Seva Sindhu (
by submitting the fill-up form and all the relevant documents.

What is a Shakti smart card?

The Karnataka Government is introducing Shakti smart cards to provide free bus pass service to all the women of their state. With this card, women can travel for free of cost.

Highlights of the Shakti Scheme

Under the Shakti Yojana Scheme, women are allowed to travel free of cost in their state. In this Shakti Scheme/Yojana 2023, all women can get a free bus pass by applying for the Shakti smart card online application and after which they can avail of all the benefits of this Scheme. 

The Karnataka Government has decided to start the online application for the Shakti Scheme on Seva Sindhu Portal from 11th June 2023 onwards. The main purpose and objective of the Shakti Scheme are to make daily transportation and travel easy for all women. 

Through this Shakti Scheme, all the women of Karnataka State will be allowed to travel by bus free of cost. The Shakti smart card is also used for identity purposes for availing the Shakti Yojana Scheme, so it is now officially mandatory and necessary for women to apply for it online in the Seva Sindhu Portal and to get it for use.


The Karnataka Government is marching towards the goal of providing free travel services to all the women in the Karnataka State. With the introduction of the Shakti smart card, women can travel to any place in their State free of cost.

The Karnataka Government has made the online application process for Shakti smart cards much easier and made it available on the Seva Sindhu Portal.

 In this article, we tried to cover all the information related to the Shakti Yojana, the objective and overview of the Seva Sindhu Shakti smart card, the documents required and eligibility for the Seva Sindhu Shakti smart card online application.

On our webpage, we have always tried to give you the latest updates on the Seva Sindhu Shakti Scheme. It is requested that everyone please visit our webpage for any kind of updates for the Shakti Yojana Scheme as well as for the Seva Sindhu Shakti smart card online application. 

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