DTC Bus Pass Price For Students, Monthly Price

Know the DTC bus pass price for students including their documents, Online/Offline process, charges details and benefits.

The DTC bus pass scheme is basically a service given by the Delhi Transportation Corporation in which the daily bus commuter can apply for a bus pass for hassle-free travel. The category for commuters includes mainly students, senior citizens, sportsmen, blind, deaf dumb, etc

DTC Bus Pass Price For Students

Type of Bus PassMonthly ChargeDelhi-NCR-Airport AC and Non-Ac busHalf-Yearly ChargeYearly Charge
General all route Non-AC busRs.800/-Rs.2280/-Rs.4440/-Rs.8640/-
General all route AC busRs.1000/-Rs.2850/-Rs.5550/-Rs.10800/-
Airport Express/Coaches AC and Non AC bus (in NCTof Delhi Only)Rs.1400/-NANANA
Delhi-NCR-Airport AC and Non Ac busRs.1800/-NANANA
Delhi to GurgaonRs.1500/-NANANA
Delhi to FaridabadRs.1800/-NANANA
Delhi to BahadurgarhRs.1160/-NANANA
Delhi to GhaziabadRs.1640/-NANANA

Concessional Bus Passes

Type of Bus PassMonthly ChargeTwo Months ChargesQuaterly ChargeFive Months ChargesHalf-Yearly ChargeYearly Charge
Student Destination PassRs.100/-Rs.200/-Rs.300/-Rs.500/-
Student All Route Special PassRs.150/-Rs.300/-Rs.450/-Rs.750/-
Press All Route AC PassRs.200/-Rs.400/-Rs.600/-Rs.1000/-Rs.1200/-Rs.2400/-
Press All Route Non-AC PassRs.100/-Rs.200/-Rs.300/-Rs.500/-Rs.600/-Rs.1200/-
Senior Citizens Above 60 Years (AC Pass)Rs.150/-Rs.300/-Rs.450/-Rs.750/-Rs.900/-Rs.1800/-
Senior Citizens Above 60 Years (Non – AC Pass)Rs.50/-Rs.100/-Rs.150/-Rs.250/-Rs.300/-Rs.600/-
PRS/AAY Family members (All Route Non-AC Bus Pass)Rs.500/-Rs.1000/-
Divyangjan (Ortho)(FP) All route AC/Non AC City Services onlyFree
Divyangjan (Blind)(FP) All routes AC/Non AC City & NCR Service only with one attendant who shall be charged half of adult fareFree
Divyangjan (Deaf & Dumb) (FP) All routes AC/Non AC City Services onlyFree
Divyangjan(Mental Illness)(FP) All routes AC/Non AC City Services only with one attendant freeFree
Freedom Fighters with one Attendant Non-AC Bus Pass (For One Year)Free
International Sportsmen (For One Year)Free
National Award Winners Non-AC Bus Pass (For Six Months)Free
War Widows & Their Dependent (For Six Months)Free
MLA/MP Attendant Pass AC/Non-AC (For One Year)Free

DTC Bus Pass for Student Application

First, visit the official website of the “Delhi Transport Corporation” whose link is http://www.dtcpass.delhi.gov.in/

DTC Bus Pass For Students

Now click on the option “Apply Now” on the homepage. For the applicants having a new bus pass, they need to click on “ NO ” for the question ” Are You An Existing Bus Pass User “, visible after clicking Apply Now.

DTC Bus Pass online apply

Then we need to fill out the form carefully and upload the required documents. Now we need to make the payment for the DTC bus pass.

Now if we have chosen a Conventional Bus pass, then we will get it delivered to our given address after five working days. And for an e-Bus pass, the specified link for the e-Bus pass will be sent to our registered mobile via SMS within one working day.

For Offline:

  • First, we need to visit the DTC bus pass counter
  • Then we need to fill out the application form correctly and attach the required documents.
  • Now we need to submit the form to the clerk at the counter along with the required payment.
  • And in five working days, the DTC bus pass will be delivered to the given residential address given in the form by speed post

DTC Bus Pass Monthly Charges

The full informative details of the DTC bus pass monthly prices are given below:

General Bus Passes charges information:

Non AC Bus (for all routes)

  1. Monthly Charges – Rs 800/-
  2. Quarterly Charges – Rs 2280/-
  3. Half-Yearly Charges – Rs 4440/-
  4. Yearly Charges-Rs 8640/

AC Bus (for all routes)

  1. Monthly Charges – Rs 1000/-
  2. Quarterly Charge – Rs 2850/-
  3. Half-Yearly Charge – Rs 5550/-
  4. Yearly Charge-Rs 10800/-

Airport Express/Coaches in NCT of Delhi (Both AC and Non AC): Monthly Charge – Rs 1400/-

Airport Buses in Delhi NCR (Both AC and Non AC): Monthly Charge – Rs 1800/

  • Delhi to GurgaonMonthly Charge – Rs 1500/-
  • Delhi to Faridabad: Monthly Charge – Rs 1800/-
  • Delhi to Bahadurgar: Monthly Charge – Rs 1160/-
  • Delhi to Ghaziabad: Monthly Charge – Rs 1640/-

Concessional Bus Passes charges information:-

Student Destination Pass

  1. Monthly Charge- Rs 100/-
  2. Two Months Charge – Rs 200/-
  3. Quarterly Charge – Rs 300/-
  4. Five Months Charge-Rs500/-

Student All Route (Special Pass)

  1. Monthly charge – Rs 150/-
  2. Two Months Charge – Rs 300/-
  3. Quarterly Charge – Rs 450/-
  4. Five Month Charge-Rs750/-

Press All Route (AC Pass)

  1. Monthly charge – Rs 200/-
  2. Two Months Charge – Rs 400/-
  3. Quarterly Charge – Rs 600/-
  4. Five Month Charge-Rs1000/-
  5. Half Yearly Charge – Rs 1200/-
  6. Yearly Charge-Rs 2400/-

Press All Route (Non-AC Pass)

  1. Monthly charge – Rs 100/-
  2. Two Months Charge – Rs 200/
  3. Quarterly Charge – Rs 300/-
  4. Five Month Charge-Rs500/
  5. Half Yearly Charge – Rs 600/-
  6. Yearly Charge-Rs1200/-

Senior Citizens Above 60 Years (AC Pass)

  1. Monthly charge – Rs 150/-
  2. Two Months Charge – Rs 300/-
  3. Quarterly Charge – Rs 450/-
  4. Five Month Charge-Rs750/-
  5. Half Yearly Charge – Rs 900/-
  6. Yearly Charge-Rs1800/-

Senior Citizens Above 60 Years (AC Pass)

  1. Monthly charge – Rs 50/-
  2. Two Months Charge – Rs 100/-
  3. Quarterly Charge – Rs 150/-
  4. Five Month Charge-Rs 250/-
  5. Half Yearly Charge – Rs 300/-
  6. Yearly Charge-Rs 600/-

PRS/AAY Family members
(i) Monthly charge – Rs 500/-
(ii)Two Months Charge – Rs 1000/-

And for the other people/citizens of Delhi who fall under the category of Divyangjan (Ortho), Divyangjan (Blind)(FP), Divyangjan (Deaf & Dumb), Divyangjan(Mental Illness, Freedom Fighters, International Sportsmen, National Award Winners War Widows & Their Dependent, MLA/MP Attendant traveling in AC/Non AC City for all route are applicable for free of charge under some specific conditions of the Delhi Transport Corporation imposed by Delhi Government.

DTC Bus Pass Scheme

With the introduction of the DTC Bus Pass scheme, traveling for daily commuters has been made easier and hassle-free. With the help of a DTC Bus pass, the daily commuter is saving a lot of time along with a comfortable journey.

Under the scheme, the DTC Bus passes are divided into two types:-

  • Conventional Bus Pass
    The conventional bus pass is in the form of a printed ticket format which is actually generated from the system and is delivered directly to the applicant’s address through speed post.
  • e-Bus Pass
    Now the e-Bus pass is a pass that is generated using the online technique of the system and can be viewed by clicking on the SMS link. The SMS link is generally sent to the registered applicant’s mobile number for viewing and downloading the e-Bus Pass of DTC bus passes.

Please note that both the pass i.e. Conventional Bus Pass and e-Bus Pass can be applied through an online process after paying some charges.

Both of the above DTC bus passes are in great demand among daily commuters for availing the benefits of a comfortable and time-saving journey

DTC Bus Pass Documents Required

The documents required for applying for a DTC bus pass are as follows:-

For StudentsApplication Form with a photograph attested by the Authorized Signatory of the student’s Institute 
For BPL/AAY MembersBPL/AAY Certificate, Proof of Residence
For Senior Citizens (60 years and above)Proof of Age and Residence
DivyangjanMedical or Disability Certificate Issued by a Govt. Hospital, I.D. Card issued by the SDM, Unique Disability ID Card 
Freedom FightersPension Payment Order, Proof of Residence
War widows and dependentsCertificate issued by Ministry of Defense, Proof of Residence
National Award WinnersCertificate of Award, Proof of Residence
International Sports PersonA certificate granted by the Sports Authority of India 
MP / MLA with an attendantProof of Identity as MP/MLA, Proof of Residence

DTC Bus Pass Additional Charges

So besides the above charges of DTC bus passes, some additional charges are also applicable which are given below:-

  • Bank charges are imposed by the Bank during online transactions.
  • The printing and stationery charges are applied at Rs 15/- per card.
  • The speed post charges are taken for Rs 18/- for the local area pin codes and Rs 41/- for the nonlocal area pin code.
  • The e-Bus passes do not impose any additional charges except the online bank transactional charges

DTC Bus Pass Benefits

The main benefits of the DTC bus pass are as follows:

  • After availing of the DTC Bus pass and paying for monthly/ yearly/annual charges, the worry of buying tickets for every time we go vanishes, thus saving time for us also.
  • The DTC Bus passes are generally priced at nominal rates as compared to normal passes.
  • So besides saving time after buying a DTC Bus pass, we can save a good amount of money also.

DTC Bus Pass Helpline For Issues

For the ease of DTC bus pass users, we are providing the Helpline/Office address of the Delhi Transportation Corporation

Pass Related Office Address
Delhi Transport Corporation,
Scindia House, KG Marg
Connaught Place, New Delhi 110 001
Phone number  011-23737180,011-23752770 Ext.226.
Mobile number8744073213

As of now, DTC Bus passes have become the lifeline of Delhi daily-based commuters. With the use of DTC Bus passes people are experiencing a comfortable and haste-free journey.

Now along with the physical  DTC Bus pass card, the Delhi Transportation Corporation has also introduced the e- Bus pass.

The e-Bus pass can be sent to the individual mobile phone and it can be downloaded later for using it as a DTC Bus pass. With the launch of this e-Pass, commuters now don’t need the bus pass counters for the physical pass.

The DTC Bus pass has changed the lifestyle of the traveling process for daily commuters. The monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly charges of the DTC Bus pass are kept at a very nominal price for the benefit of Delhi daily commuters.

Nowadays everyone looks for a comfortable and safe journey, and with this motive, the DTC Bus Pass is doing the correct job by making their dreams possible in real life

In this article, we have discussed the full information on DTC Bus Pass For Students, DTC Bus Pass Monthly Price & DTC Bus Pass Price For Students.

What documents are required for DTC student bus pass?

The Application Form duly filled & a photo -both attested by the Authorized Signatory of the Institute. The latest fee receipt was issued by the Institute.

Is bus pass free for students in Delhi?

No, the bus pass is not free for students in Delhi. In fact, students will get some kind of concession on the bus passes. As per the Delhi Government, the bus pass is only free for women traveling in Delhi buses.

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