KSRTC Student Bus Pass Online Application 2024: PDF Form

The KSRTC student bus passes online application process and its application form is provided here.

What is KSRTC Student Bus Pass

With this KSRTC Bus Pass, the State Government is trying to maintain the social and economic development of the students. The main objective of the Scheme is to ensure easy and comfortable transportation of their State students so that they can reach their school or college at the right time.

With the KSRTC Students Bus Pass, students can avail a good quality education for a better and brighter future. With this KSRTC Bus Pass, students can also save money on their daily bus fare.

KSRTC Student Bus Pass Online Application

To apply online for KSRTC Student Bus Pass Online, the following steps are required:

Step 1: Go to the official website https://sevasindhu.karnataka.gov.in. Click on the Student Bus Pass(KSRTC) option.

seva sindhu official website

Step 2: After redirecting, a login page will appear. Give your login ID, password/OTP and captcha. Click on the login option.

KSRTC Bus Pass log in

Step 3: You will again be redirected to a new page. Below the application form option, select your citizenship and institution location. Write your Aadhar number, mobile number, course category, and course. Then, click on Get details.

KSRTC Student Bus Pass Online Application

Step 4: Now, fill up the KSRTC bus pass form with your personal details form by giving your name, father’s name, gender, photo, age, etc. After that, write the institution information by giving your university registration number, student name, address, university name, institution name, address, etc.

Finally, give your travel route details. Do word verification and then click on the submit option. Your application form is now submitted.

KSRTC Student Bus Pass Offline Application

  • For the offline process firstly download the KSRTC Bus Pass Application form PDF that’s given below.
  • After downloading the form please take a printout of the form.
  • Please fill out the form carefully and attach relevant documents as required.
  • So, at last, you have to take the filled form attached with the required documents along with the fees and submit it to the nearest Divisional Office of the KSRTC Department.
  • After submitting the correct form and the fees you have to wait for 7 working days to collect the KSRTC Bus Pass form from the authorizing office.

KSRTC Student Bus Pass Application Form PDF

The KSRTC student bus pass application form pdf download link is given below. To download the KSRTC bus pass application form please click the download button.


Download the high-quality Ksrtc bus pass application form from the button link.

Ksrtc student bus pass application form

KSRTC Student Bus Pass 2023-24

Scheme NameKSRTC Bus Pass 2023-24
Launched ByKarnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC)
Benefits Students of Karnataka State
Application ModeBoth Online and Offline
Official Websitehttps://sevasindhu.karnataka.gov.in/Sevasindhu/English
HomepageClick here

As we all know students usually travel by bus to go to their school or college on a daily basis. So keeping this in mind the state government has started an online portal by which the students can apply for a bus pass and can save their daily expenses on transportation to a great extent.

KSRTC Student Bus Pass Eligibility

The eligibility requirements for the KSRTC Bus Pass are given below:

  • The student should be a permanent resident of the State.
  • Must be studying in a recognized School/College or enrolled in Degree/Technical/Professional/Medical/Evening/Ph.D. courses from a recognized educational establishment.
  • A student ID card or Admission Proof Document is required for applying for the KSRTC Bus Pass.
  • The KSRTC Bus Pass will be valid for Primary, Graduate and undergraduate students.

KSRTC Student Bus Pass Required Documents

The following documents are required for applying for the KSRTC Student Bus Pass 2023-24

  • Aadhar card
  • Resident Certificate
  • Income Certificate
  • Caste Certificate
  • A valid educational ID Card
  • A valid Admission Proof Document
  • Active Mobile Number of Student
  • Passport Size Photo of Student 
  • SC/ST Certificate (If Applicable)

KSRTC Student Bus Pass Application Status Check

To check the KSRTC Student Bus Pass application status:

  • Visit the official website of the Seva Sindhu Official Portal
  • Then click on “Track Your Application Status”.
  • Then provide the Application Reference Number and check the Application Status of your KSRTC Bus Pass.

KSRTC Student Bus Pass Benefits

The students can take advantage of many benefits under this KSRTC Bus Pass 2023-24.

  • First of all the main purpose of the KSRTC Bus Pass is to provide affordable and comfortable means of transport for all students.
  • With the help of a vast network of KSRTC, the students can travel to different locations and routes.
  • The student can save money as well as time on their daily transportation to school because the KSRCTC Bus Pass offers a lower price than the regular ticket.
  • The daily use of the KSRTC Bus Pass will make the Students more self-independent.
  • The student can avail of the freedom of having as many rides with the KSRTC Bus Pass within the validity period.
  • Making the students hassle-free and tension-free from buying the daily tickets of Bus, thus saving their time for better education.
  • Under this KSRTC Bus Pass, the State government has taken a step forward to utilize public transport rather than private vehicles. This will make a step forward towards eco-accommodating transport in their State for an eco-friendly environment. 
  • The students can reach their destination school or college on time without any difficulties, for which the students can focus on their studies and achieve their future goals.
  • All the beneficiary students availing of the KSRTC Bus Pass can dream of higher education with a better quality of life in the future.

KSRTC Student Bus Pass Charges 2023

KSRTC student bus pass charges for student in 2023:

Students Upto Class 10 (State Board)For  Primary -Free
For Higher School Boy-Rs. 600/-
For Higher School Girls-Rs. 400/-For SC/ST Students – Free
PUC Students (State Board)For PUC – Rs. 900/-
For SC/ST Students – Free
CBSE/ICSE Students Upto Class 12th BoardClass 1 to 7 – Free
Class 8 to 10 (Boys)-Rs. 600/-
Class 8 to 10 (Girls)-Rs. 400/Class 11 to 12-Rs. 900/-For SC/ST Students – Free
Degree/Technical/Professional/Medical/Evening/Ph.D.For Degree Professional Students-Rs.960/-
For Medical/Technical Students – Rs 1400/-For Evening /Ph.D. Students -Rs 1235/-
Special SchoolFor Primary Students-FreeFor Higher School Boy-Rs. 600/-
For Higher School Girls-Rs. 400/-For SC/ST Students – Free

KSRTC Bus Pass For Senior Citizens and Physical Disabilities

The steps given below should be followed by Senior Citizens and People with Physical Disabilities to apply for a KSRTC Bus Pass.

  • Please note that the form for applying for KSRTC Bus Pass will be available at the Divisional offices in Karnataka and also available online on the official website of the KSRTC portal.
  • The applicant must submit all the necessary valid documents for verification.
  • For people with Physical Disabilities, a form related to Disabilities must be filled out by them and submitted.
  • The applicant after filling out the form must attach all the required proof documents, identity card, disability certificate, and other relevant documents as required.

After the form submission, it will be reviewed and a Bus Pass will be issued by the KSRTC officials and handed over to them for use.

KSRTC Student Bus Pass for Blind Individuals

The KSRTC provides all blind individuals with a free bus pass to travel throughout the State. To avail of the free service the applicant must provide relevant documents like  ID Proof, a Certificate of Complete Blindness, An ID card from the District Welfare Office of Disabled Persons and Senior Citizen with a Seal and signature on it, and a medical report from a recognized medical officer.

KSRTC Bus Passe Types 

There are two types of Bus passes issued by KSRTC which are available for daily passengers.

  1. Daily Pass: The Daily Pass is likely to be valid for a day and is issued for the benefit of the passenger, allowed to travel in Mysore City. The passengers must carry an identity card along with the Daily Pass for a convenient journey.
  2. Monthly Pass: KSRTC has started issuing monthly passes at a very reasonable price to students, traders, employees, etc. traveling on a daily basis. The monthly issued by KSRTC are only with a valid Identity Card. 

The Monthly Pass issued for Express services are also valid for the passengers to travel in Ordinary Services. But the Monthly Pass issued for Ordinary Services are allowed us to travel in Ordinary Services only.

Highlights of Karnataka KSRTC Free Bus Pass

  • The KSRTC Bus Pass Government schemes are launched for the motive of good economic growth and benefit of their State people
  • The bus fare for the students will be very low as the KSRTC Scheme is for everyone
  • For every card, students have to pay Rs 50/- and must provide all their educational information.
  • KSRTC Bus Pass Scheme will be a great help to poor students and will boost the economic growth of the State.

KSRTC Student Bus Pass Objective

The main objective of KSRTC Bus Pass 2023 is to provide easy and comfortable transportation for all the Students in their state so that they can reach school or college on time for a better education.

With the use of the KSRTC Bus Pass, the State Government will try to maintain the social and economic development and growth of their students.

The primary goal of the scheme can be related to the economic development of education culture in the State, thus making the student’s career march towards a bright future.

KSRTC Student Bus Pass Application Helpdesk

The details for the contact number and email for any kind of queries or suggestions are given below.

Email Id:-
For any kind of issues or suggestions please write to this email id of KSRTC [email protected]

Contact Number:-
For any kind of queries or suggestions please feel free to contact at this number 080-49596666.

  1. What is a KSRTC Student Bus Pass?

    A KSRTC Student Bus Pass is a bus pass offered by the Karnataka State Road Transportation Corporation (KSRTC) at a very reasonable price along with a discount to all their students. With the help of this KSRTC Bus Pass, the students are allowed to travel on a daily basis to their school or college at a very discounted price

  2. What documents are required to apply for the KSRTC Student Bus Pass?

    For applying for the KSRTC Student Bus Pass, the particular student needs to submit their valid student id card, passport-sized photograph, and the required fees for the bus pass.

  3. What is the fee for KSRTC Student Bus Pass?

    For KSRTC Student Bus Pass, the fees vary depending on the distance of travel and the selection of pass as applied by the Student.

  4. How do I submit an application for the KSRTC Student Bus Pass for 2023–24?

    We can submit the form both Offline (By Hand to KSRTC Office) and Online (Through the KSRTC Official website)  method

  5. What are the types of KSRTC Student Bus Pass?

    KSRTC offers different types of Bus passes whose details are Daily Pass, Monthly Passes, Quarterly Passes, and Annual Passes.

  6. Can we use the KSRTC Bus Pass for travel on all KSRTC Buses?

    Yes, we can use the KSRTC Bus Pass can to travel in all KSRTC Buses.

  7. What are the benefits of the KSRTC Student Bus Pass?

     With the help of the KSRTC Bus Pass, the student can avail discounted price which is much cheaper than the daily regular fare. For such a reasonable price, the student can save a lot of money for their educational purposes.

  8. What Is the official website of KSRTC?

    The official website of KSRTC (Kerala State Road Transport Corporation) is https://sevasindhu.karnataka.gov.in/Sevasindhu/English

The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) Student Bus Pass is one type of pass that allows students to travel from one place to another for educational purposes. The KSRTC Bus Pass is available to students of all levels at a very reasonable price.

TheKSRTC Bus Pass has helped the State to reform its Government Public Transport system. In accordance with the Government of Karnataka’s directives, Kerala State Transport Corporation has been providing discounted student passes to all students for their comfortable transportation. 

Hence the State Government of Karnataka takes a very good initiative regarding the future of students and invites all registered students in Degree/Technical/Professional/Medical/Evening/Ph.D. studies for taking benefits of the KSRTC Bus Pass Scheme.

For any information and details related to KSRTC Bus Pass, it is requested that all users to please visit our website.

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