86 Amrit Bharat Station Scheme List Bihar

‘Amrit Bharat Station Scheme’ is a great initiative taken to improve the railway infrastructure of our Country. Out of 1309 stations that are to be redeveloped, 49 stations in Bihar are chosen. Following are the names of the 49 stations which are to be redeveloped in Bihar:-

Amrit Bharat Station Scheme List Bihar

Here is the list of 86 Stations in Bihar that are to be upgraded under Amrit Bharat Station Scheme:

  1. Anugraha Narayan Road
  2. Ara
  3. Bakhtiyarpur
  4. Banka
  5. Banmankhi
  6. Bapudham Motihari
  7. Barauni
  8. Barh
  9. Barsoi Jn
  10. Begusarai
  11. Bettiah
  12. Bhabua Road
  13. Bhagalpur
  14. Bhagwanpur
  15. Bihar Sharif
  16. Bihiya
  17. Bikramganj
  18. Buxar
  19. Chausa
  20. Chhapra
  21. Dalsingh Sarai
  22. Darbhanga
  23. Dauram Madhepura
  24. Dehri On Sone
  25. Dholi
  26. Dighwara
  27. Dumraon
  28. Durgauti
  29. Fatuha,
  30. Gaya
  31. Ghorasahan
  32. Guraru
  33. Hajipur Jn.
  34. Jamalpur
  35. Jamui
  36. Janakpur Road
  37. Jaynagar
  38. Jehanabad
  39. Kahalgaon
  40. Karhagola Road
  41. Khagaria Jn.
  42. Kishanganj
  43. Kudra,
  44. Labha
  45. Laheria Sarai
  46. Lakhisarai
  47. Lakhminia
  48. Madhubani
  49. Maheshkhunt
  50. Mairwa
  51. Mansi Jn.
  52. Munger
  53. Muzaffarpur
  54. Nabinagar Road
  55. Narkatiaganj
  56. Naugachia
  57. Paharpur,
  58. Piro
  59. Pirpainti
  60. Rafiganj
  61. Raghunathpur
  62. Rajendra Nagar
  63. Rajgir
  64. Ram Dayalu Nagar
  65. Raxaul
  66. Sabaur
  67. Sagauli
  68. Saharsa,
  69. Sahibpur Kamal
  70. Sakri
  71. Salauna
  72. Salmari
  73. Samastipur
  74. Sasaram
  75. Shahpur Patoree
  76. Shivanarayanpur
  77. Simri Bakhtiyarpur
  78. Simultala
  79. Sitamarhi
  80. Siwan
  81. Sonpur Jn.
  82. Sultanganj
  83. Supaul
  84. Taregna
  85. Thakurganj
  86. Thawe

What is the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme in Bihar

The Scheme is called the ‘ Amrit Bharat Station Scheme ‘ in which the Ministry of Indian Railways is all set to redevelop the various Stations across the nation with good infrastructure and well designed equipment. The foundation stone for this new project was laid down by our Prime Minister on Sunday. 

The Amrit Bharat Station Scheme’s budget is more than 24,470 crores which is a very big amount. The scheme will enhance pleasure and good service to the passengers and will boost the ease of life.

Method of Amrit Bharat Station Scheme in Bihar

Under the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme, the main focus will be on the motion of the passengers without any difficulty. The redevelopment of the chosen 508 railway stations will be taken up in step by step manner over the forthcoming years. The Amrit Bharat Station Scheme will be executed via umbrella works authorized from time to time.

What are the improvements to be made under the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme

The improvements to be made under the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme are as follows:-

  • Facilities For Divyang – The railway station complex will be Divyang Friendly. Extra care and protection will be allotted to them.
  • Focus on Nature and Environment- Focus must be on the tree cover area in railway stations to accelerate afforestation.
  • Increased Ease of Access – Passengers will get the benefit of escalators, travelators, and lifts at the stations which will improve and increase the ease of access to all, especially the disabled and senior citizens.
  • Renovation Of Old Furniture – The furniture which is there in the waiting rooms, offices, halls and other areas may be renovated and more durable and multi-design furniture will take place.

Scope of Work Under Amrit Bharat Station Scheme in Bihar

The scope of work is the work in which a clear idea about the work to be done is explained in an agreement. Following is the scope of works under the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme:-

  • Installation of panic buttons across the various Stations.
  • Suitable approach towards sustainable and environment-friendly methods.
  • Divyang facilities to be taken care of fully.
  • Long platforms.
  • Provision for small business meetings and executive lounges.
  • Sanitized washrooms, charging points, medical facilities, cafeterias, restaurants, etc to be implemented.

Additional Information About Amrit Bharat Station Scheme:-

  • Amrit Bharat Station Scheme is based on the Master Plans.
  • The scheme will redevelop the new amenities and will also renovate the old ones.
  • The scheme will enable the railway stations to be city centers.
  • The scheme will not only invite the passengers for their tour and travel purposes but also for business activities.

Thus, the redevelopment and redemption of 86  railway stations in Bihar will bring many benefits to the passengers and they can have a safe and smooth journey with all the luxuries. 


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