95 Amrit Bharat Station Scheme List West Bengal

Amrit Bharat Station Scheme’ is a welcome initiative scheme under which there are a total of 1309 stations that are going to be redeveloped. Out of that, 95 stations are chosen to be redeveloped in West Bengal. Have a look here at the 95 stations In WB which are to be redeveloped:

Amrit Bharat Station Scheme List West Bengal

In West Bengal total of 95 stations are earmarked for Amrit Bharat Station Scheme. Here is the list:

  1. Adra
  2. Alipur duar Jn.
  3. Aluabari Road
  4. Ambika kalna
  5. Anara
  6. Andal Jn.
  7. Andul
  8. Asansol Jn.
  9. Azimganj
  10. Bagnan
  11. Bally,
  12. Bandel Jn.
  13. Bangaon Jn.
  14. Bankura
  15. Barabhum
  16. Barddhaman
  17. Barrackpore
  18. Belda
  19. Berhampore court
  20. Bethuadahari
  21. Bhaluka Road
  22. Binnaguri
  23. Bishnupur
  24. Bolpur Shantiniketan
  25. Burnpur
  26. Canning
  27. Chandan nagar
  28. Chandpara
  29. Chandrakona Road
  30. Dalgaon
  31. Dalkhola
  32. Dankuni
  33. Dhulian Ganga
  34. Dhupguri
  35. Digha
  36. Dinhata
  37. DumDum Jn.
  38. Falakata
  39. Garbeta
  40. Gede
  41. Haldia
  42. Haldibari
  43. Harishchandrapur
  44. Hasimara
  45. Hijli
  46. Howrah
  47. Jalpaiguri
  48. Jalpaiguri Road
  49. Jangipur Road
  50. Jhalida
  51. Jhargram
  52. Joychandi pahar
  53. Kaliyaganj
  54. Kalyani Ghoshpara
  55. Kalyani
  56. Jn
  57. Kamakhyaguri
  58. Katwa Jn.
  59. Khagraghat Road
  60. Kharagpur
  61. Kolkata
  62. Krishnanagar City Jn
  63. Kumedpur
  64. Madhukunda
  65. Malda Court
  66. Malda Town
  67. Mecheda
  68. Midnapore
  69. Nabadwip Dham
  70. Naihati Jn.
  71. New Alipurduar
  72. New Cooch Behar
  73. New Farakka
  74. New Jalpaiguri
  75. New Mal Jn.
  76. Panagarh
  77. Pandabeswar
  78. Panskura
  79. Purulia Jn.
  80. Rampurhat
  81. Sainthia Jn
  82. Salboni
  83. Samsi
  84. Sealdah
  85. Shalimar
  86. Shantipur
  87. Sheoraphuli Jn.
  88. Sitarampur
  89. Siuri
  90. Sonarpur Jn.
  91. Suisa
  92. Tamluk
  93. Tarakeswar
  94. Tulin
  95. Uluberia

What is the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme in WB

The Amrit Bharat Station Scheme is a Central Government oriented scheme aimed at improving the condition of railway stations across the country. The total budget of the scheme is 24,470 crores which is quite a lump sum amount.

On 6th August 2023, that is, on Sunday, Our Prime Minister laid the Foundation Stone for the redevelopment of 508 stations across the nation via video conferencing. Under this, the foundation stone has been laid for 37 stations of the West Bengal District under the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme. 

The Ministry of Railways has ensured to take care of all the modern facilities which are needed for a smooth and efficient journey for all travelers. From wifi facility to Air conditioned waiting halls, everything will be up to the mark.

Objectives of the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme

The Amrit Bharat Station Scheme aims to provide passengers with well-equipped features of the upgraded Railway Station in order to have an efficient train some of the objectives of the Scheme are as follows:

  • The upgraded station will not only be a place of tour and travel but also, it will serve the purpose of business activities.
  • Business activities such as shopping, conference meetings, etc will also take place.
  • The Amrit Bharat Station Scheme foresees the expansion of railway stations with a prolonged-term vision.
  • The Policy of the scheme is based on Master Planning.
  • The scheme aims at the creation of Roof Plazas and City Centres at the station that too in the long run.
  • The scheme will serve for the introduction of new amenities in the railway stations as well as the redevelopment of old ones.

Amrit Bharat Station Scheme Scope Of Work in WB

Scope of Work(SOW) means that, in an agreement there is an area where a clear description about the work to be done is explained. Scope of work under Amrit Bharat Station Scheme is as follows:-

  • Free Internet Connectivity – Travellers will get the benefit of free wifi in the railway stations. The plan of the scheme is also subjected to cover 5G tower.
  • Installation of Cctv cameras – Cctv cameras are also going to be installed in the stations. Everything will be monitored in the station.
  • Well-Equipped Amenities – Public sitting room, potable drinking water, waiting halls, restaurants, cafeteria, etc will be well maintained there.
  • High-Level Platforms – All stations will be high-leveled and the length will be 600 mts.
  • Drainage System – Priority will be given to the drainage system. The drains will be cleaned as far as possible to eradicate diseases.

Thus, the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme in West Bengal will be a significant step taken by the Central Government which will provide every sort of facility available in the railway stations.


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