ANM Nurse Salary in West Bengal govt. 2023, per month

What is the salary of ANM nurses in West Bengal? How much salary do ANM nurses get every month? What is the salary of the first ANM? The answer to all these questions is given in this article. Read the complete article till the end to know all the answers related to ANM Nurse Salary in West Bengal.

ANM nurses belong to the health & family welfare department and the designation of ANM nurses is health assistant (female), the scale or level is 6, the group is c and the cadre is others (nursing).

ANM Nurses salary

State:West Bengal
Department:Health & Family Welfare
Designation:Health Assistant (Female)
Cadre:Others (Nursing)
Scale or level:6

ANM Nursing Salary in West Bengal Government

ANM Nursing SalaryWest Bengal Government
Basic Pay22700 Rs.
DA681 Rs.
HRA2724 Rs.
MA500 Rs.
OthA385 Rs.
Grand Total26990 Rs.
Deduction156 Rs.
Net Pay26,834.00 (Twenty Six Thousand Eight Hundred Thirty-Four only)
ANM Nursing Salary in West Bengal Government

ANM nurses get BP (basic pay) 22 thousand 700, Dearness Allowance 681 which gets 3% on basic pay, HRA i.e. House Rent Allowance gets 2724 rupees which are 12% on basic pay, Medical Allowance (MA) gets 500 rupees And other allowance gets 385 rupees.

By adding all these, the grand total is 26 thousand 990 taka. The deduction on this grand total is 15600. ANM nurses get a net pay of 26 thousand 834 after deducting 156 rupees from the grand total. Some nurses get Tk 100, Tk 200 less or more than this amount.

Another great benefit is that ANM nurses get a 3% percent implementation on basic pay every year.

About ANM Nurses

In the health care of rural areas, the didumuni wearing pink sarees who give pregnancy-related health advice at home are ANM nurses. To become an ANM nurse, one must do a two-year diploma course in West Bengal government ANM nursing colleges.

Only women from rural areas can do this course but one of the main conditions for doing the course is to get 40% marks in the (10+2) examination and the student must be a resident of rural areas of West Bengal.

What does an ANM nurse do?

The role of ANM nurses in rural areas is immense. ANM nurses perform health checkups on mothers from conception to delivery. All the supplements, injections and polio required for children till the age of 15 years are done by ANM nurses with great care.

Let’s try to understand the work of ANM nurses through two steps. The first step is to serve pregnant women and the second step is to take care of small children. Now let’s try to know the work of these two steps in detail.

The main job of ANM nurses is to look after pregnant women, take care of them and give pregnancy-related health advice. To inform a woman about the proper process from the time of her pregnancy to the delivery of the baby.

ANM nurses make mothers MCP cards ie Mother and Child Protection Cards, then perform four check-ups on pregnant women in nine months. If any women are sick, they are given the necessary health care.

Immunization of children from zero to five years of age is done by these ANM nurses. The second step is to work on childhood and adolescence. Provide supplements to children during adulation.

Among the various tasks of these ANM nurses, one of the important tasks is to inform the families about family planning, and the prevention of communicable diseases. Communicable diseases mean that all diseases are communicable and these diseases spread to the human body through sneezing and coughing. ANM nurses develop an immune system against all these diseases.

To make the public aware about noncommunicable diseases and to develop preventive measures. Noncommunicable diseases are diseases that are not communicable such as diabetes, high blood pressure etc.

ANM nurses collect data on how many people have these diseases. ANMs have to work six days a week (Monday to Friday). From nine in the morning to three in the afternoon. Job postings are far away in the initial days of ANM nurses. After two to three years they get a job post in the area near their home.

What is the salary of ANM nursing in West Bengal?

The salary of ANM nurses in West Bengal is around 27 thousand rupees. 

What is the salary of ANM nurse per month in West Bengal?

The salary of ANM nurses in West Bengal is around 27 thousand rupees per month.

What is the salary of ANM in India?

The salary of ANM nurses in India is 27000 to 30 thousand rupees. This amount is implemented by 3 percent every year.

What is the salary of ANM government hospital near Durgapur West Bengal

The salary of ANM nurses in government hospitals near Durgapur in West Bengal is 27 thousand to 28 thousand which is implemented at 3 percent per year.

What is the salary of 1st ANM in West Bengal 2022?

The salary of the 1st ANM in West Bengal in 2023 is about 27 thousand rupees.

What is the salary of first ANM in West Bengal per month?

First ANMs in West Bengal are given a monthly salary of around 27 thousand rupees.

What is the starting salary of ANM Nurse in West Bengal?

The starting salary of ANM nurses in West Bengal is 26,990 rupees, it may change.

What is the highest salary of ANM?

The highest salary of ANM nurses is around 43 thousand.

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